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Secret Male SMC008 Bodystocking


Size: One Size

  • One Size

Color: White

  • White

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Looking for something that would definitely remove some boredom from your lives by getting it all out on the table? Secret Male presents you with a mens accessory that would totally bring out the guy in you that won’t settle for anything less. This accessory for men is made for the sole purpose of spicing up your love life and that dream of yours is about to become reality. As this article has got its own fan following as here you get the maximized body coverage but that doesn’t you can’t flaunt your skin. As with this bodystocking you get a mesh fabric that not only lets your partner see that perfect body of yours but your junk is actually accessible to them. With a simple design, it truly knows how to make a pleasing sight. With this mens accessory you get a nice cut out from the shoulder area so that you don’t feel any kind of disturbance while making your partner feel that love. Talking about the rear, this accessory for men let’s you flaunt that sexy ass of yours without any issue. So just get yourself these bodystoking and let your partner how crazy are you about them.

  • Brand: Secret Male
  • Category: Men’s Accessories
  • Size: Refer to Size Chart
  • Sheer Designer Fabric
  • Fabric Composition: 88% Nylon 12% Spandex
  • Additional Information


    One size




    Size Chart

    Secret Male Waist
    Small (S) 27 - 29 68 - 73
    Medium (M) 30 - 32 75 - 80
    Large (L) 33 - 35 83 - 88
    Extra Large (XL) 36 - 38 90 - 95


    Secret Male Chest
    Small (S) 34 - 37 86 - 94
    Medium (M) 38 - 40 96 - 102
    Large (L) 41 - 43 104 - 110
    Extra Large (XL) 44 - 46 112 - 116