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Bikinis for Men

What is men's bikini underwear?

The term bikini originated in “French back in 1947 named for the U.S. A-bomb test of June 1946 on Bikini, the Marshall Islands atoll, locally Pikinni and said to derive from pik "surface" and ni "coconut," but this is uncertain. Various explanations for the swimsuit name have been suggested, none convincingly, the best being an analogy of the explosive force of the bomb and the impact of the bathing suit style on men's libidos,” according to Etymonline. The term underwear certainly means something that is worn under the clothes. The bikini actually means “a two-piece swimming costume for women”.

It was in the 1950s when the bikini was made to be a mandatory uniform for the bodybuilders. Since then, both men and women have been wearing the style as a uniform while before that, only women wore it as their swimwear style. It is a very rare finding that the name of the style was adopted from the hydrogen bomb testing that was conducted at Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific. Did you know that?

How is men's bikini underwear different from others?

Men's bikini underwear is a men's underwear style that might be confused by many for being more like men's briefs. When you take a look at the line men's bikinis, you’d notice that they are sexier, skimpier, and more comfortable than the conventional briefs were supposed to. So, the options that make men’s bikini underwear different from other men's underwear styles are mentioned below:

Men's bikini underwear can be worn as underwear and swimwear: Well, we wouldn’t say that it is the rule but in case you think you’ve forgotten your men’s swimwear at home, the male bikini is a perfect option to be worn as designer underwear as well as beachwear. In fact, there are brands like Cover Male and Good Devil which design men's bikini underwear for dual purposes.

There’s a wide variety of options available: There is no other men's underwear style that features such a wide variety like men's bikinis. Bikini underwear for men certainly has a wide assortment of cuts, coverage options, fabrics, pouches, and more. You could choose to be conventional with a slightly minimal coverage than briefs for men or you could go all scanty with string bikinis. There’s a lot more in between the two extremes.

Meant for every physique: While there was a myth that called that only the chiseled physiques could sport bikinis for men because of the short construction with sporty cum sexy designs, the fact is - with such a wide variety of styles, any body type can sport it.

Why opt for men's bikini underwear?

Sexier than briefs: When a few men believe briefs to be a superior other option, you can generally admire the regular style and state that bikinis for men are sexier as far as it comes to looks. They are suitable for times when you need to feel sexy from inside. 

Sex appeal: You can't think about the sex appeal offered by briefs and male bikinis however they resemble the other the same bikinis flaunt somewhat more than briefs. Consequently, sex appeal is raised when an attire article uncovers a little skin. At the point when the style is clubbed with work clothing, the sex appeal rises somewhat more. 

Supports: When men felt the requirement for something sexier, bikinis for men were presented in the men's clothing industry. Made more like briefs, the support was saved flawlessly in the separate style permitting space for sex appeal and erotic nature. 

Summers: Considered to be the clothing style for summers, bikinis are generally identified with the hot season. It is alluded to as sexy, it is the ideal pair that permits you to feel good and hot throughout the mid-year months. 

To look hot on the seashore: This is reason one since bikinis are best identified with as men's swimwear than hot clothing. It may be your once in a blue moon occasion that you need to make the most out of. Thus, bikinis are ideal to be in on the off chance that you need to fill the need.

What does Erogenos have to offer you in men's bikini underwear?

Erogenos offers you everything that you need to look good in with men's bikinis. In fact, the men's underwear online store offers an experience that matters most.

Hundreds of products: Well, to start with, you can choose from hundreds of products (and adding) when you shop your underneath fashion from Erogenos. You could choose from the numerous options available for every day, parties, romantic occasions, gym, and other times when you need to look spot-on.

A smooth shopping experience: More than just shopping, Erogenos believes in building a relationship with the clients. You shop once, you come back again for more benefits. Customer support is bang-on and so are the delivery policies and others.

What styles will you be able to find in men’s bikini underwear?

Men's String bikini:

Starting from the skimpiest to the most customary, string bikinis are the most noteworthy of all. Including a string waistband, two three-sided molded texture boards to cover the crotch yet the sides are left exposed. The particular unmentionables can have insignificant to the most extreme inclusion of a man's rear. 

Men's Low rise bikini:

Next in the line is the low rise underwear which is made particularly for the men who love to don low waist pants. With high sides, the front takes a plunge to abstain from riding up from the pants. With low waist pants much in design (and they're setting down deep roots), these sets can be very practical and chic for you. 

Men's Pouch enhancing bikini:

What can be better than having both - a satisfying character and the visibility even in the jeans with only a couple of fashioner clothing? That is actually what pouch enhancing bikinis are made to give you. The traditional inclusion down there with an improving pouch planned with inbuilt c-rings or other upgrading contraptions is the thing that you get when you choose a particular style. Men's pouch enhancing underwear can be clubbed with low rise include just as are accessible in regular inclusion. 

Men's Brazilian bikinis:

For characters who accept toning it down would be ideal, the Brazilian bikinis are an ideal choice. With an in the middle of the inclusion of male thongs and bikinis, the particular style is the thing that holds up the merchandise in one spot just as uncovering for the sex appeal. Highlighting a tube-shaped pouch in the front, the sides of the manliness are left uncovered though; the back has negligible texture to cover something other than the butt break.

Personalities for which men’s bikini underwear are designed

All men - every man has something from bikinis that they can and should try!

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