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Men's Gay Jockstraps

What is a mens jockstrap underwear?

The term jockstrap means “support or protection for the male genitals, worn especially by sportsmen.” If you take a look at the history of the term, it was coined in 1887, "supporter of the male genital organs, used in sports”. According to Etymonline, “1850, probably one of the many colloquial uses of Jock the northern and Scottish form of Jack, which was used generically for "common man" from c. 1500. Jockey-strap in the same sense is from 1890, with also an example from 1870 but the sense is uncertain.” The term underwear means, “clothing worn under other clothes, typically next to the skin”. Wholly, the term mens jockstrap underwear refers to the mens underwear style that features coverage, support, and most importantly protects the male genitalia from all the possible harms.

How is mens jockstrap underwear different from others?

When you take a look at the line of mens jockstrap underwear, you would know that they are designed to be different from all the other men’s fashion underwear styles. The following are the aspects that make jocks for men different from all the other styles.

Construction: If you take a look at the mens underwear styles like mens briefs/male bikinisboxer brief underwear for men/mens boxer shorts or even male thongs/g-strings for men, you would notice the similarities between the styles in terms of coverage and cuts. However, it is mens jockstrap underwear that stands unique among all the others. You would notice a back coverage that is not available in any other style.

Purpose: While the other mens designer underwear styles are meant for purposes like regular wear, romance, and sexiness, it is mens jocks that were designed with a vision to uphold the manhood, contain it in a specific space and mostly protect the manhood from all kinds of harms - especially getting hurt during games like soccer, basketball and others.

The variants: It is the respective style that are designed in two variants - sporty and fashionable. The names itself say it all about the variety in both the cases. If you take a look at the sporty jocks for men, you can trust the pairs to support and protect the manhood. On the other hand, the fashion jockstraps for men are made to please the eyes and also enhance your sex appeal.

Why opt for mens jockstrap underwear?

At Erogenos, you will find numerous mens hot underwear that are designed to take your fashion quotient to the next level and provide your personality with all the confidence that you need. The line of mens jockstrap underwear has brought a revolution in the underneath fashion industry and there are various reasons you should be taking into account for which jocks for men are ideal. They include:

The construction: If you take a look at the design of traditional mens jockstrap underwear, you would find a sexy design that features a pouch - with or without a functional metallic/plastic cup that keeps the manhood contained, a waistband that offers maximum support and is responsible for keeping the entire piece in one place and finally leg bands that hold both the legs to ensure that the pouch or the waistband doesn’t move from their place. In that process, the butts are left bare open making them protrude and act as butt enhancing underwear.

For the containment: Did you know that compression shorts are an imitation of mens jockstrap underwear? Well, they were designed to provide the same level of protection and support as mens jockstrap underwear. The only difference is that compression shorts are fully loaded in terms of coverage and mens jockstraps aren’t and the former claims to provide more comfort than the latter.

What does Erogenos have to offer you in mens jockstrap underwear?

Erogenos has a lot to offer when it comes to providing the line of mens jockstrap underwear. You could expect to find the following when you shop mens jockstrap underwear at the mens underwear online store:

A seamless shopping experience: You can depend on Erogenos when it comes to making your underneath fashion shopping a delectable one. Starting from the range of products to the search, customer support and other polices, everything makes sure that you have a hassle-free experience.

The catalog: The catalog of mens jockstrap underwear at Erogenos is all about diversity. Whether you’re looking for mens jockstrap underwear that is designed for sports or fashion-purpose, are lace underwear or solid cotton-based, sheer underwear or made with nylon/polyamide, you will find it all here.

What styles will you be able to find in men’s jockstrap underwear?

Take a look at the variants in mens jockstrap underwear that you would be able to find at Erogenos:

  • Conventional mens jockstrap underwear
  • Sheer jockstraps for men
  • Mens jockstrap underwear that can also be referred to as erotic underwear for men; and more

Personalities for which men’s jockstrap underwear are designed

Personalities who can:

  • Handle backless coverage
  • Containment in the front; and
  • Legs wrapped in straps are the ones who will love to have mens jockstrap underwear

Popular brands at Erogenos featuring men’s jockstrap underwear

Intymen: Known for the energetic intrigue and concealed secrets, Intymen has been reliably serving its customers with a perfect balance of enhancing highlights with classic styles. The line of mens jockstrap underwear is innovative, attractive, and truly comfortable.

Agacio: One of the most confided names in the men's underwear industry with a specialty that goes far. Agacio has coined its name with the most comfortable brand that is classy and sophisticated too. The line of mens jockstrap underwear by the name is functional and trendy. The novel aspect of Agacio is that the sack lifting technique incorporated in designing attire guarantees enhancement and security to the masculinity.

Cover Male: Made for the new wearers, the line of Cover Male mens jockstrap underwear is comfortable, smooth, and are a delectable combination of design and function. Made to lift the masculinity; it additionally makes it inconspicuously obvious outwardly.

Good Devil: Good Devil being perhaps the hottest brand in the industry crafts underneath fashion just for delight purposes. The arrangement of mens jockstrap underwear by Good Devil is attractive, sexy, erotic, and intended to investigate the best prospects.

That’s not it!! Take a look at the collections by Daddy UnderwearEdipousPistol PeteMiami Jock, and so many others at Erogenos.