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Men's Athletic Sportswear

No matter what kind of sports you are involved in, men’s sports underwear is all that you need to pep up your performance. Erogenos has a huge collection that includes something for every kind of sports. Whether it is a quick jog or rigorous training sessions in the gym; the offerings available at the men’s underwear online store go from basic to high-tech.

The main purpose of any sportswear is to make you feel confident from within so that your focus is completely on the aim rather than the underclothing. The assortment available at includes men’s underwear styles like sporty briefs, supportive boxer briefs and conventional jockstraps as well as other articles like tank tops, runner bottoms, shorts (varied in terms of the length) and hoodies. You can choose the ones that match your needs and workout schedules at affordable prices.

The entire range is meant for men who live an active lifestyle and seek a lot more than just comfort and support from their inner-wear. With a comparatively large amount of spandex in all the pieces, the stretch is not compromised with. However, other fabrics used in the assortment include polyester, polyamide, cotton and nylon.

Introducing our latest innovation in men's athletic wear – shorts with a thong liner, designed to revolutionize your workout experience. Say goodbye to discomfort and chafing with our thong-lined running shorts, crafted to provide exceptional support and freedom of movement. Whether you're hitting the track or dominating the gym, these shorts with a thong liner offer unbeatable comfort and performance. Looking for versatility? Explore our range of men's shorts with thong liner, combining the convenience of shorts with the support of a thong.

Brands like Agacio, Pistol Pete, Intymen, Xtremen and many more are the authentic men’s underwear brands that put forward the assortment for your easy selection at