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Thongs for Men

What is a mens thong underwear?

The term thong comes from Old English þwong, þwang "narrow strip of leather" (used as a cord, band, strip, etc). The terms were first used as a kind of bikini briefs, 1990. The term underwear refers to “clothing worn under other clothes, typically next to the skin”. In totality, mens thong underwear is a mens underwear style that features a strip or band that connects to the pouch and holds everything below the belt in one place.

If you take a closer look, you would find that men’s thong underwear are designed more or less like their female counterpart. The sexy underwear style has a strip of cloth that runs up the back, and a pouch in front of the genitalia. Male thongs are designed to hold the manhood close to the body, preventing movement. They also can make the entire area appear larger and heftier than in reality.

How is mens thong underwear different from others?

Mens thong underwear is considered to be one of the most revolutionary mens underwear styles. In a world of mens briefs and bikinis for men, male thongs came in like a breath of fresh air. Well, if you want to know how mens thong underwear and how the hot underwear style is different from others, take a look below:


The design of mens thongs:

When it comes to the difference, we already mentioned that male thongs have been the revolutionary style that featured minimal coverage. Well, if you take a look at the history, you would notice that mens thong underwear is considered to be the predecessor of the loincloth and was worn only by the elite class. Well, times changed but the construction and the shape of the thongs for men remained the same. It still has a pouch that is triangular in shape which is connected to the waistband - can be either string or strap and also with the back cover.



The availability:

When you take a look at the collection of mens thong underwear at Erogenos, you would notice that there is a huge variety of variants available for different personalities. Starting from the conventional beings to Tangas,G-Strings for men(which has eventually become a newer mens underwear style altogether), c-string, and others. They all are different in terms of cuts and coverage and suit different personalities and taste buds.


The support rendered by the thongs for men:

When it comes to supporting, you can expect an altogether different experience with mens thongs. Whether you want support matching to mens bikini briefs or male thongs that are made just for the show purpose and intentionally not to support the male genitalia, you will find them at Erogenos.

Why opt for mens thong underwear?

There are so many reasons to choose mens thong underwear. Out of them, the major ones include:

No underwear line in the back: Visible lines are definitely the worst and most embarrassing. Regardless of the place and situation, underwear lines can bring down morale. It is a very embarrassing situation when your underwear lines pop out of the clothes. Hence, thong underwear for men is the survival guide here.

Comfort: With the negligible amount of fabric, the feeling of freedom and comfort is what makes you stay in those thongs for men. The tiny fabric on the front keeps your manhood at ease yet supported all the time.

A turn-on: These hot underwear for men are also referred to as ‘magical intimate apparel’ and they add the magic in your bedroom action.

Inexpensive but priceless: You would be able to buy a pair of mens thong underwear under $10. What else could you ask for? Keeping the price aside, the feeling of owning something exotic is priceless.

Fabrics: There are a plethora of fabrics available online in this style. Where other brands take up leather, silk, and satin materials to raise the sex appeal, Intymen offers fabrics that are comfortable, durable, and sporty.

What does Erogenos have to offer you in mens thong underwear?

Erogenos has a great deal to offer with regards to providing the line of mens thong underwear. You could expect to find the following when you shop mens thongs at the online store: 

A happy shopping experience: You can rely upon Erogenos with regards to making your underneath style shopping a fashionable one with no hassle at all. Starting from the scope of products to the search, helpdesk, and different policies, everything ensures that you have a problem-free experience. More than that, you can also reply to the deals and discounts that the web store features making it feasible for every man to have a fashionable underneath.

The catalog: The catalog of male thongs at Erogenos is about assorted variety. Whether you are looking for mens thongs that are sporty, sexy, or even for regular purposes, you would be able to find them with ease. The catalog features a huge variety of fabrics, cuts, coverage options, accessories, and more when you walk through the inventory.

What styles will you be able to find in men’s thong underwear?

Conventional thongs for men: Starting from the own one of a kind and conventional is the thong underwear for men. With a pouch that covers and supports (discretionary), the belt is thick and elastic with back coverage that differs from minimal to thicker variants like Brazilian bikini underwear. 

Tanga: An identical twin of Brazilian bikini, tangas are the erotic underwear that covers the front with the assistance of cylindrical-formed pouch and a wide fabric in the back that covers the butt crack just as parts of the butts. The cuts on the sides are high in request to uncover a great deal of skin.

Cheeky thongs: When your mens thong underwear provides a lot of support in the front and the back has enough fabric to cover half of your butts, you have secured yourself a pair of cheeky thongs.

Personalities for which men’s thong underwear are designed

Men who like to have:

  • Minimal coverage to somewhere that is more like bikini briefs.
  • Support that matters
  • Experiences

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