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Men's Lace Lingerie by Secret Male

What is a mens lingerie?

When you take a look at the definition of lingerie, you would see it to be “underwear, sleepwear, and other items of intimate apparel worn by women”. Lingerie can be a lot of things—necessary, sexy, delicate, strong, beautiful—but what it certainly is not is the sum of its misconceptions. The term “lingerie” originates from France and actually translates to “women’s intimate apparel,” but there’s no doubt that many societal structures have changed since the term’s first-known use in 1835.

When it comes to mens lingerie, it is the luxury, delicate, and sensual feeling that is provided by minimal and luxurious fabrics below the belt. The mens underwear styles made to pamper your delicate intimates is what mens lingerie is all about. This could allude to your boxer briefs for men made with lace fabric, or it could allude to mischievous, scarcely-there costume underwear. The sort of men's underwear a person wears is absolutely up to him and his taste. A few folks might be more courageous and unusual, while others lean toward straightforwardness. Fortunately, there are possibilities for numerous sorts.

How is mens lingerie different from others?

When you talk about mens bras or mens panties, they are certainly different from all the mens fashion underwear styles that you have ever known on all possible grounds. Take a look at the aspects that make lingerie for men different from the other hot underwear styles for men.

The look: The very first thing that sends the signal in your head about the difference is the looks of the options in mens lingerie styles. The first look would tell you that the fabric looks fragile, the build comes across as delicate and different from what you regularly wear. 

The touch: When you touch your cotton-based mens underwear or nylon-based underneath fashion is different on every ground with the silk underwear or sheer underwear fabric.

Mens lingerie is a dream that you get the opportunity to live: Mens lingerie is a dream and the way that you normally just offer it with your accomplice (or accomplices) implies that it tends to be an exceptional piece of you, a mystery self that absolutely under your control when and where you uncover it. You call them lingerie, unmentionables, mens sexy underwear, and so forth relying upon what sort of mens hot underwear you pick.

Why opt for mens lingerie?

It is all about yourself and the love you have for your underneath: Men and they're underneath fashion are the two most important aspects. Men find their treasure to be a treasured aspect and they do everything to keep their manhood pampered. In order to keep the manhood both happy and healthy, men started to invest in men’s thongs or men’s g-strings. But then they jumped to men’s lingerie for the sexy aspect. The first reason why they chose men’s lingerie is that they wanted to try out women’s underneath fashion and the designers noticed that. Men’s lingerie is for you, and it’s important to remember that! Is it time to spoil yourself with a new set?

Self-confidence is the next big thing:

You must know that beauty (the handsomeness) begins from the underneath. The outfits come later but it all starts from the basics and the role that men’s lingerie play in providing you the confidence is way beyond the ordinary. You must know that only elite things provide self-confidence and the ordinary pairs do not do anything. They simply provide the support and protection that your manhood needs but doesn’t pamper your senses in a good way.

Men’s lingerie is a little secret that is only yours:

Isn’t men’s lingerie by Secret Male your little secret? You're the one in particular who realizes what you're wearing that under your vogue pair of pants. Having your little mystery is energizing and lifts your certainty. You can obviously decide to stay discreet all to yourself however let's face it, it's significantly more enjoyable to recognize the look easily during the huge uncover. Whether you’re wearing mens bra to spice up the date at home or panties for men that pamper your intimates as well as comes across as an attention-grabbing tool.

Femininity - From your deep down:

Lingerie = femininity. Some men’s lingerie styles like mens thongs and men’s g-strings are more feminine than others. It plays an important role in our lives (literally all day, every day).

What does Erogenos have to offer you in mens lingerie?

Erogenos offers much something beyond the fashioner underwear styles to its clients. Investigate find what you have: 

The affirmation of true items: When you shop the line of mens underwear at Erogenos, you likewise shop confirmation to bring home underneath style that sticks near you and is credible. Additionally, the mens underwear online store likewise ensures that you make some upbeat memories shopping at the store with the channels and search bar to effectively find the items, client service for every one of your inquiries, and limits, and deals to keep you coming over once more. 

The stock: Erogenos makes a point to continue refreshing its stock with fresher brands, more current styles in lingerie for men, and choices that please you. The fresh introductions continue coming each season and you can pick what you like from that.

What styles will you be able to find in men’s lingerie?

When you take a look at the collection of mens panties or mens bras by Secret Male at Erogenos, you could find styles like:

Mens bikinis

G-strings for men

Male thongs

Mens bras

Mens babydolls; and more

Personalities for whom men’s lingerie is perfect

Sensuous personalities

Men who like to get in touch with their feminine side

Experimentalists; and


You can check out the collection of mens lingerie styles by Secret Male at Erogenos and pick what speaks to you.