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What makes men’s G-string underwear so special and popular among the modern male population is it’s voluptuous designs. The revealing style and skimpy cuts can you a standout look. Shooting your sex appeal off the roof, wearing something as alluring as a g-string can separate your style from the rest of the masses.

The front portion of a G-strings in general resembles men’s thong underwear. The v-shaped pouch takes the shape of the manhood while it’s rear allows you to flaunt your buttock. A string waistband goes all way between your butt cheek to the front where the tiny pouch supports your manhood.

However, size matter a lot when it comes to underneath article as skimpy as this one. It is especially important to size yourself well if you are a first time user. The online store of Erogenos.com provides you an opportunity to shop for the perfect fit as well as style of G-string underwear. Refer to the size chart and you can get a muscle hugging fit. Not only this, you can hedge your bets on various different types of g-strings.

Some of the types of G-string underwear for men, available at Erogenos, is listed below.

Lace G-string

The g-string made of lace fabric barely leave little to the imagination. The partially transparent material adds to the ventilation of the already sexy underneath clothing. This is an ideal option for all those you want to give a feminine touch to their masculinity. The partial visibility of the manhood leaves no secret down there.

Pouch G-string

The pouch g-string underwear have built in push up technology. It lifts the manhood and provides gentle enhancement to your frontal profile. Some of the brands like Intymen offer c-ring contraption in the pouch construction. It gives natural kink allure to your personality bringing the entire attention down.

Mesh and Sheer G-string

Sheer fabric refers to the material with low density knit that provides a sneak-peak of what will otherwise be hidden. The apparel crafted in sheer and mesh fabric is for all those who dares to reveal and go bold.

Camo G-string

You can even camouflage your masculinity with the camo g-strings for men. The contrasting combination of this print with the sleek style and sexy cut cut a dash in your overall look.

Some devilish patterns of g-strings offer open pouch that supports the crotch area, but lets the cat out of your bags. These ultra revealing options are an alternate for all those who likes free-balling.

So, avoid going commando and choose your style from a collection of lace, sheer or low-rise G-string. This is a perfect way to turn on the heat of the streaming hot evenings.

Why shop from the online store of Erogenos?

The assortment of the Erogenos is an embarrassment of riches for the fashion oriented male population. The inventory of the online store bring the entire underneath fashion industry at your door step. Shopping from the site is like a cakewalk. You can find a piece for every event and occasion. Regardless of your taste and preference, there is an option for all of you. For all those who prioritize comfort and support can order boxer briefs, briefs and boxer shorts. The collection of bikini and men’s thong can spice up your intimate affairs. The steamy cuts of G-string for men is for the avid athletes. The erotic style is a sensible option when you want go commando. Men's g-string is the best option for you explore the outrageous side of your personality.

The site has got a collection of over 50 reputed labels of the men’s underwear industry. It can help you get rid of the horns of dilemma of visiting the physical store personally. With Erogenos, you can order the best brands at a click of a button. The huge selection allows you order the underneath article that suits your personality and taste.

Some of the best-selling brands of the online store is listed below.

Brands like Cover Male, Intymen, Edipous and others are for all those who are looking to take their style to the next level without revealing much. The enhancing contraption of Intymen can accentuate your personality. The colorful assortment of Cover Male g-string and Daniel Alexander gives a dizzying update to closet.

The mesh fabric of Daddy Underwear g-string adds to the voluptuousness of the exotic undies. Despite the ultra revealing style, this is a practical option if you likes to keep it down there. The fresh brand is for the wild fantasies of men.

However, if you are not satisfied with limited skin show, then, you can try the even more sensual options Good Devil. The devilish styles of mesh, sheer and lace G-string is undeniably arousing.

The playful assortment of Miami Jock has paved it’s way into the closet of every man who prioritize sex appeal. The revealing cuts, open pouch and see-through fabric of the label leaves everything out in sun.

Some of the other brands that you need to look out for includes Kyle, Calvin Klein, 2xist and many others. The options are unlimited.

G-string underwear is all about is all about sex appeal.  Moreover, if you think that you need to compromise with comfort and masculinity, in order to try them, then, you should thing again. The pouch of the underwear for men elongates according to the size of your manhood, as well as the string waistband, helps you flaunt your asset. The skimpy and revealing style of g-string underwear is a perfect alternative if you need to get rid of the visible underwear line. Moreover, the form-fitting underneath clothing can provide support your manhood. The airy cuts helps you get rid of chafing and irritation.

Available in so many varied options, color combinations and styles the G-strings of Erogenos can match the personality and expectation of everyone.

Why settle for any thing simple and subtle, when you can tickle the exotic aspect of fashion with G-string.

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