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How far have you ever gone with your choices in male underwear? Have you ever tried experiencing something sexier than men’s briefs or boxer brief underwear? Talking about the respective industry, men have a sky full of options when it comes to cuts, designs, fabrics and more. If you are someone who’s ready to experience sexiness by not going so far, men’s bikini underwear is for you. Not leaving behind those who are in love with the minimal fabric, there are variants which would please your eyes as well as the manhood. Bikini for men is one apparel style that has emerged as a subtly exotic option which can even make you look and feel sexy down there. The sharp cut at the edge of this underwear style can give a dazzling update to your look.

Bikinis for men can be considered as the skimpier version of briefs. If you are very much satisfied by the support and comfort that men’s brief offer, but still want to try something that is a bit more appealing and revealing, then, bikinis are a perfect style for you. It has evolved as one of the sexiest underneath clothing for men over recent years and has become immensely popular. Even though, it covers major portion of your manhood, it is the best way to flaunt your well-toned physique.

At, you will find a colorful assortment of attention-grabbing bikini underwear. Apart from the regular colors like black, white and blue, you can even find the unique colors like turquoise, pink, orange and much more. Choose anyone pair from the collection and the seductive design will transform you from the boy-next-door to an alluring handsome hunk.

What makes the collection of men’s bikini underwear at the site so special?

We, at Erogenos, strive to bring you the best and that’s why we keep on working on bringing the best brands for your choices. Right from the string to Brazilian and pouch bikini, you will find all the variants of this underneath article style. The Brazilian Bikini has a unique fit that is a cross between a bikini and a thong. The subtle sophistication of the formal and the revealing cuts of the later can accompany you every place, regardless of the occasion and event. The coverage is minimal at the front, but a bit more at the back.

Bikini briefs is a blend of exotic looks of bikini and the elegance of briefs. Thus, you can get both functionality and fashion in one go. The devilish designs of string bikini reveals a little more than the usual men’s underwear. The tiny pouch of the undies keeps the manhood in place, but the string waistband allows a lot of skin show. The visible underwear line from the jeans can embarrass you a very large extend. The collection of the site can solve this problem for you with the seamless bikinis for men. The undies feature no line and can easily slip in the skinny jeans and pants of the wearer.

Thus, it is the versatility that makes the collection of Erogenos so special. You can find a piece for every need and requirement of yours. There is an option available for every personality. Choosing the perfect piece of underneath apparel was never this easy. 

Which are the best selling brands of the site?

From the simple and elegant products of Cover Male, Daddy Underwear, Agacio, Intymen to the enticing pieces of Good Devil, Miami Jock, Daniel Alexander and many other, you will find it all. There is a match for every sort of personality, no matter the age. However, the wearer has got to be daring in order to don this revealing style of underneath clothing. The underwear article is specially designed for those who can’t compromise with comfort, but are adventurous enough to go out with minimal coverage down there.

Other than the above mentioned labels, you will even find the assortment of some other brands namely Edipous, Otzi, Honcho, and many others. The list of names are never-ending.

With so many options to choose that too at a click of a button, shopping for underwear is not an errand anymore. Along with style and sensuality, this underwear offers one more benefit to the wearer. It's skimpy design is a good alternative for those who sweat a lot. Moreover, unlike boxers and boxer shorts, the high-rise cut of bikini do not ride up your thighs. Returning the product, in case you end up making the wrong choice, is as easy as buying them. The products will be shipped to your doorstep on or before the promised date and that too free of cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time in visiting the physical stores. Explore inventory and give some sensual upgrade to your underwear drawer.

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