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When it comes to men’s underwear, what would be the first need that you would have from your brand? Would it be comfort or support? While some may say comfort and some might back up support, but then there are those wise souls who look for both to the best ability. For men who do, men’s boxer brief underwear was introduced because the style gives what you look for. Also called as the best-of-both-the-worlds, for its comfort (boxers) and support (briefs), the style is the second most widely worn fashion underwear style after men’s brief underwear. The reason behind its popularity is the support, comfort along with the style that it offers.

What makes boxer briefs different from brief is it's length. It is comparatively longer than the briefs, but shorter than that of the boxer short underwear. In fact, it can be considered as a spin offs of the traditional boxer. Starting from the short length, it goes all the way to the mid-thigh. This underneath article is a combination of the two of the bestsellers in the category of undergarments for men. The boxer briefs are not as baggy as boxers and provides a snug fit to your package. It covers an extended part of the thighs of the wearer.

What are the reasons for the popularity of boxer briefs?

Along with full coverage, it offers a supportive pouch option. It supports the male anatomy by keeping it up and in front. The extra room enhances breathability of your manhood. It even provides protection against the skin related problems such as chafing, rashes and other such things that are caused due to moisture retention.

The long boxer briefs provide a little more coverage down there. The inner pouch and snug-fit of the underneath article hugs the manhood and keeps it just at the right place. However, in case you want to try a bit more contemporary styles of men’s underwear without compromising on the comfort and support, then you can check out the assortment of cheeky boxer briefs. The pouch option of these undies keeps the functionality intact in front. While the cheeky cut at the back allows you to flaunt your butt cheeks. The low rise boxer briefs are for is another option that provides minimal coverage, but maximum comfort. The brief cut allows you to tan your body at the beach in an elegant and sophisticated way. Hence, you can find everything right from sensuality to comfort and support, in this category of men’s underwear.

What are the brands available at

If you think that boxer briefs are comfortable, but not as stylish as briefs and bikinis, then, you have not checked the collection of brands like IntymenAgacio, Daddy Underwear, Honcho and others. Every piece in the assortment of the Intymen has an inbuilt c-ring that provides enhancing pouch option. The full coverage and traditional construction with modern functionality can suit every personality. However, if you the kind of a person who likes to add bright colors in his collection, then, Cover Male, Daniel Alexander and few others is the perfect label for you. On the other hand, Good Devil and Miami Jock have mastered the art of manufacturing devilishly revealing underneath articles that can channel the wild fetish of every man.

The collection of Erogenos, you will find boxer briefs in varied color combinations, styles and designs of these underneath articles can challenge the sexiest underwear around. The cozy fabric treatment, masculine colors and athletic style of these underneath clothing can give a sexy as well as a functional update to your underwear drawer.

You can find all the latest update of this underneath apparel style at Are you looking for a sexy undergarment that can entice your personality at the date night? Then, check out the inventory of the site. The fashion underwear brands like Good Devil and Cover Male will leave your partner awestruck. The best part is that you don't even have to feel the embarrassment of the revealing your assets, in order to look sexy.

The boxer briefs of the well-known brands available at the site are mainly crafted in fabrics like cotton, spandex and other such microfibers that have the moisture wicking property. This keeps your manhood dry and cozy, the entire day. Thus, you can comfortably wear them during at your workplace. With the trust of some of the reputed labels in the men’s underwear industry, you can find just the right piece for yourself.

The easy return policies and free home delivery makes shopping a cake walk for all the fashion freaks out there. So, don't exhaust yourself and waste your time by visiting the physical store. Visit and get everything that you want at a click of a button.

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