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10 Fashion Resolutions this New Year for Men Part 1

10 Fashion Resolutions this New Year for Men Part 1 | ErogenosWe have all been there and done that! New Year resolutions have been made, broken and forgotten in the past. Well, some break their resolutions and others modify them according to their desires. However, there are some of them which broken might have a negative impact on your personality. Oh yes! I am talking about fashion resolutions that every conscious man should take in order to keep looking stylish all year round. This blog will lay out the various fashion resolutions that must not be broken because your personality matters a lot.

1.Essentials will always be the priority We all know that trends keep changing and so does the styles. Ignoring them is not a wise idea if you really want to flaunt your pleasing personality. However, in the due course, you must not forget your basic essentials. Basic essentials include everything from a white shirt to your men’s underwear.  

2.Dress to impress every day You might be the man who knows when to look good but it is said that you must dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy. Well, that can be any day! Hence, you must dress to kill every day without being choosy of Mondays or Wednesdays. One of my friends told me that dress in a way that you’d want to see yourself wearing when you die and become a ghost. Since then I make sure that I look my best before I step out of my house.

3.Throw out old clothing articles We all have that particular t-shirt that you been wearing since Adam’s age and looks more like a rag to clean the tables. However, you don’t get rid of it! Your closet is almost at that stage where you’d drown in the number of clothes. This is the right time to promise yourself that you’ll clean the closet once in at least three months (on the longer span). You would also find your long lost bikini underwear or your favorite shirt that went missing a month back.

4.Be smart while investing in clothing When you head for shopping at brick and mortar shops or even at online stores, you need to be clear in your concepts. What you need and what you want are two distinct questions, and understanding the difference is what will make you a stylish person. Invest in the best while picking only a few of what you want.

5.Don’t take things too seriously Life and fashion change every day. You must not take them both too seriously because it is not worth it. Life has to go on without you doing a lot in it and fashion is what you make it be. Hence, be happy, cheerful and be a fashionable person. These are the first set of fashion resolutions that you must pay heed to. Keep watching this space for the next set of resolutions.

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