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New Launches: Secret Male Lunaria G-String For Men


Have been a fan of showing off your curves? Here is the best "mens underwear" style from Secret Male that you'll find once you want to reveal all that you have. This sheer mens g-string underwear takes away the attention as soon as you uncover them. They accompany many advantages along with the exposure that you seek in many styles of underneath fashion.

The Secret Male is incredibly well-known among men for a variety of enthusiastic and new colors. The utilization of various blends of surface in by far most of the mens underwear styles and the range is prepared for giving every one of you the parts that you look for, for example, pleasing fit, support, stretchiness, and durability. The range is incredible to such an extent that you can wear them on average days similarly to some exceptional events. The formed pouch plan in underwear for men is unprecedented for boosting comfort and holding up packs fittingly. Secret Male offers a variety of styles in mens swimming outfits, mens thongs, mens g-strings, mens briefs, mens boxer briefs, mens shorts, and mens jockstraps.

male g-string

While talking about this pair of mens g-string underwear you'll show a lot of your skin with the minimum construction and with the sheer texture used. The string waistband helps the construction to remain close to the body. A combination lace structure makes this mens sexy underwear famous among men. The pouch in the front gives the bulge and helps your assets to stay in a heavenly space. Hence, all together this pair of mens underwear is a perfect partner.


Some more feature of this male g-string is given below.

  • Maximum exposure
  • Best opted when you need a seductive appearance
  • Comfortable and soft sheer fabric is used
  • Supportive pouch
  • Made with polyamide and spandex

Want to check it out?

You can check out and buy the men’s G-string underwear here - Secret Male SML012 Lunaria G-String

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