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Why Opt for Men’s See Through Underwear?

If you’d notice, men have started to look more handsome and appealing than they did a few decades back. There is no doubt that every era has its own style statement but what I mean to tell you here is that the awareness among men for their underneath fashion has seen a change, change for good! With the current trend falling for men’s see through underwear, men are all about the styles crafted with the respective fabric.

Why Opt for Men’s See Through Underwear | Erogenos

Have you been looking forward to having something like this for yourself? Well, you have all the good reasons to do so! What reasons? This blog talks about the various reasons for which you should opt lace underwear or sheer pieces.

Luxurious appealMens See through Underwear

The very first thing that appeals the eyes as well as the touch is the luxurious appeal. Often made with some other fabric like polyester, cotton or other blends, sheer can be very soft to touch. You’d find them very pleasing to the eyes and are equally worthy. The designs are modern, unique and very innovative according the plethora of brands offering them together under one roof.

Soft touch

Whether it is a pair of bikini underwear or male thongs, the touch is what deciphers how is it going feel down there. Like mentioned in the point above, choosing the right base fabric (cotton/polyester/other blends), you’d feel accordingly. So, if your palm feels good while running over the surface of the pair, it’s surely going to be loved by the manhood.

The support

If you are thinking about sheer being supportive, put a stop to your thoughts. It is not the fabric that provides support, but the knots that make the fabric. In addition, it also depends on the styles that you choose. For example, briefs might be of high support but male thongs are not. Likewise, depending on the styles, the support is decided. However, you can’t blindly depend on this as well because there can be briefs which provide zero support while the g-strings for men hold better.


The air-conditioning effect is what one calls it but the pores or the holes in the fabric are what enhances the breathability below the belt. You love it, don’t you?? Is there any other aspect that makes you crazy for sheer undergarments? Do let us know below.

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