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Versatility in styles of underwear for men serving both fashion and function

Versatility in styles of underwear for men serving both fashion and function


Earlier it was easier to choose underwear for men because there were not many options. The only option for men from underwear styles was limited to briefs and boxers making the choice easier and faster. However, the tables have turned. Mens Underwear doesn’t just play the part of making you feel comfortable and look sexy. There’s always more than what meets the eye. The moment men’s fashion underwear was viewed from a fashionable point of view, the possibility of the same turning into a fashion statement along with providing function was assured.

Soon there was an urge for a mens underwear style which was solely designed to fulfill specific requirements. Whether you like to enhance your performance and sex appeal or maybe enhance your front profile, there’s a specific men’s designer underwear style waiting for you. With the introduction of new styles and the variants in them, it was pretty much expected that soon there will be options that would raise the appeal of your manhood i.e., men’s enhancing underwear, help you show off better i.e., sheer underwear for men and more.

Otzi Men's Bikini Underwear

Men’s erotic underwear for increased sex-appeal and pleasure

No matter how manly or masculine you look on the outside, everybody has a wild and kinky side of their personality in them which is reserved for special occasions. These occasions are quite special and nothing gets kinkier than men’s erotic underwear. Erotic underwear for men like thongs for men, men’s g-strings and bikini underwear for men are great at their job of increasing sex appeal and boosting confidence. Having erotic underwear for men by your side enhances your sexual drive as well as your sexual aura. And the respective style isn’t just about making your package look sexy and appealing but also to provide you optimum comfort and support.
Have you ever thought what your partner might think of your style and fashion sense when you are up for the naughty stuff? To make those erotic moments more sensual and seductive, men’s erotic underwear is what you should be thinking about.

Cover Male men's Bikini Underwear

Men’s enhancing underwear for enhanced front profile

With the introduction of new styles and variants in men’s underwear styles, it was pretty much expected that soon there will be men’s enhancing underwear. And it’s high time that men start thinking about enhancing their package rather than just making it look sexy and feel comfortable. Underwear for men used to have a flat fronted pouch design which puts your jewels in a squashed and humid condition, hanging between the legs. Sounds pretty uncomfortable.
Men’s enhancing underwear hoists the package and protrudes it outwards away from the body giving it a stiff and hard appearance. So there is the first benefit “ lift and support. Lifting the manhood results in less sticking and sweating, which adds to the health benefits of the manhood. The following are the benefits of the respective underwear for men.

  • Lifts and supports the package without any dangling or free-falling down there.
  • Helps maintain lower temperatures which aid in less sweat-secretion.
  • Gives a rounder and fuller appearance to your manhood which results in an improved front profile.

    Kyle Men's G-string Underwear

    Different types of Pouch underwear for men

    1. Push Up Underwear-
      Push up men’s enhancing underwear helps lift the front package, moving it upwards and outwards, away from the body. This provides optimum support along with reducing sticking and sweating. push-up men’s enhancing underwear is the best way to boost the size of your package.
    2. Padded Underwear
      This type of underwear for men is equipped with a piece of padding inserted into the front pouch. The padding is optional though and can be removed in certain brands. The padding comes in various sizes but it is really the shape of the padding, rather than the thickness or size, which causes the best results. Padded enhancing underwear for men helps create a fuller and rounder appearance of your package.
    3. Pouch Underwear
      The pouch of your men’s underwear can significantly impact the appearance of your manhood as well as your comfort level down there. Therefore, different types of pouch underwear are available to meet varied requirements-
      Contour pouch underwear and Natural Pouch underwear
    4. Butt Enhancing Underwear Men’s enhancing underwear also pays a lot of attention to your butt-cheeks to flaunt and enhance your rear. Butt enhancing underwear for men lifts and gives shape to your butt-cheeks, thus, enhancing their profile. There are two ways that this can be achieved:
      Lifting straps Butt enhancing underwear with lifting straps come with straps that are attached to the inside seams of the underwear. Similar to jockstraps, they are usually elasticated, providing support and lifting the butt-cheeks upwards.
      Reshaping padding Reshaping padded underwear is equipped with soft padding into the seams of the underwear. This helps gives shape to the butt-cheeks making them look rounder and toned.

    So, which underwear for men would you be interested in choosing? Do let us know in the comments below.

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