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Underwear for men: From Caveman to Calvin Klein

Underwear for men: From Caveman to Calvin Klein

“A man’s underwear symbolizes his view of himself. It constitutes an intimate and secret self-esteem. “

~ Henry Nathan

Whether a guy successful business tycoon, a working professional or a college-going young man, there is one thing that is common in them all and that is men’s underwear. The options available in the category mens fashion underwear of intimate apparel are ample. Have you thought about the origination of your favorite styles of underneath articles? Would you like to know? If you take a look at the history of mens designer underwear, the list is too  long and quite interesting for sure. What started with the loincloth, now  you find more than 7 kinds of mens underwear styles including mens briefs to mens g-string underwear and c-strings for men as well.  The list also has sheer underwear, lace, pouch enhancing underwear and so much more. Well, you’re here to know the different years of mens  underwear and you can do that. The blog brings forth a brief history of the underwear for men. Have a look and see how far have you come with the different styles.

The traditional undergarments

Traditional Undergarments The evidence have proved that cavemen used to cover their genitals with leaves. The very first garment to cover and protect the privates of a man marked it’s presence 7000 years back. This was the era when loincloth came into being. However, this was not exactly an underwear as it began as outerwear. Soon loincloth lost its prominence and code pieces became all the rage. This was later followed by the tight fitting Long Johns that covered the from neck to toes.

The very first men’s underwear

Boxer Shorts Boxer shorts were introduced in the 1920s which are considered as the very first underwear for men. However, little is known that jockstrap underwear for men came into existence way before this. It was initially designed for cyclist and athletes in particular. It later became a staple for every sports personality and now the fashionable jocks are boosting the sex appeal of every fashion-forward man. A decade later, elastic waistband came into being. This facilitated the introduction of modern underwear for men styles. The easy elastic waistbands replaced snaps, buttons, and drawstrings. This was one innovation that enhanced the functionality of the undergarments. Calvin Klein Underwear This was not enough, the best was yet to come. The shorts were boxers were a bit too baggy to be paired with the trousers. This led to the introduction of Y-shaped briefs in the year 1934. Pioneered by Jockey, this mens underwear style is till date one of the most loved undergarments for men. This underneath article was named as men’s brief underwear. The anatomically correct construction and snug fit style made it even more supportive and convenient for the wearer. The interest of men started shifting gears. The modern male population was looking for something that was sexier. As a result of which men’s thongs and g-strings underwear for men came into existence in the year 1980. It is said that men’s bikinis came before these undies in the year 1942. However, it was mostly used as swimwear than everyday underwear.

The revolution

Calvin Klein Boxer Brief Designed by John Varvatos in the year 1990, boxer briefs for men are considered as the biggest revolution in the field of men’s underwear articles. This style was a hybrid of the two of the best and most selling undies, that is, boxers and briefs. This skivvy style provided the same coverage as the traditional boxers and the support and fitted look of a brief. This was the time when the low rise underwear marked its presence. In the 1950s, designer underwear began to be a fashion statement. This was polarized by new fabrics for accentuating the underwear drawers of men. Earlier the only cotton was used for making undergarments. The introduction of new fabrics and microfibers are considered as the second best revolution in this field. As the taste and preference of men have changed, the later part of the 1970s, saw some mens briefs with aesthetic prints and patterns. The classic shades of black, white and gray were still the first preference, but the eye-catchy prints started entering the trend. The latest revolution in this field was seen in later part of the 2000s when pouch underwear for men was introduced. The contouring pouch of the undies lifts the package and keeps it in front. Thus, it creates a visible bulge in the front that accentuates the front profile. Not only this, these days the undies are becoming skimpier and more revealing. Modern men are accepting the use of see-through fabrics like lace and sheer in their undies.The mesh underwear styles are all about making  sure that you reveal what you have down there. They are designed these days that can flaunt some skin down there. The huge variety of mens exotic underwear undies provides you all reason to pamper your manhood. Mens underwear has a long journey with such an evolution and men have loved them all through the way. Which of these mens fashion underwear styles have you tried for yourself? Did you find this article interesting? Share your views in the comments below.

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