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Men’s Underwear of Intymen: Top Styles You Need to Own

  Every piece of underwear from Intymen manages to combine sexiness, comfort, and support. As you explore the various styles from the brand, you’ll notice that they specialize in enhancing...


Every piece of underwear from Intymen manages to combine sexiness, comfort, and support. As you explore the various styles from the brand, you’ll notice that they specialize in enhancing underwear. All of the underwear featuring a built-in C-ring has this effect. This ring enhances the appearance of your package while also adding some extra support. It’s the reason that wearing any of the brand’s sexy underwear puts your bulge front and center. 

Intymen Bikinis

Intymen bikinis are a popular choice for gay men’s underwear when you want to dress to impress and show off to your partner or date. They cover the essentials but nothing more. More importantly, the tight cut of most of the bikini styles means that even though everything is covered, you are still showing off. Even better, with more than two dozen pairs of bikinis to choose from, there are colors, fits, and patterns for every preference. 

Intymen Briefs

As with bikinis, you have more than 20 different styles of Intymen briefs to choose from, all of which are supportive, enhancing, and comfortable. These briefs are as far removed from the classic “tighty whites” as could be. They are fun and sexy, letting you flaunt what you got. Choose from various cuts and materials, including those with bright colors or see-through parts to give that special someone a preview. 

Intymen Boxer Briefs

If you prefer the cut of boxers but don’t want to deal with extra material, then Intymen’s boxer briefs are a great choice. They prove that sexy men’s underwear can include boxer briefs, thanks to their enhancing pouch and tight fit that hugs your muscles. 

Intymen Boxer Shorts

For even more coverage, consider a set of boxer shorts. Once again, Intymen proves that sexy men’s underwear doesn’t have to be skimpy. The form-fitting nature of this underwear leaves nothing to the imagination, except maybe your grooming habits. As with other Intymen underwear styles, you will also have your choice of options. Stick to solids or have some fun with paisley. Or opt for mesh fabric to show it all off. 

Intymen Board Shorts

Who says board shorts can’t be sexy? Intymen certainly proves that they can be. Your choice of style and pattern will show off your physique in a way that certainly doesn’t minimize your assets. These are appropriate enough to wear outside yet sexy enough to still give you a heavy confidence boost. 

Intymen Jockstraps

The jockstraps from Intymen prove that less is more, at least sometimes. These are the best choice when you want to show lots of skin but still have some support. They’re also a great choice for exercising, as the lack of material means less sweat, plus you get to take advantage of the support they provide. 

Intymen Thongs

Intymen’s thongs have everything you need in gay men’s underwear. They are sexy and available in various materials and colors. They let you wear tight pants without worrying about underwear lines showing through. They’re also great for the bedroom. 

Intymen Trunks

For those times you want plenty of coverage without leaving anything to the imagination, try the Intymen trunks. These enhancing underwear are sure to make you feel your best, and their smooth lines show off your physique. 

Intymen Swimwear

Intymen’s styles aren’t limited to sexy underwear; you can also find swimwear. From a bikini to trunks, you can choose your comfort level and how much you want to show off. Either way, you are sure to turn heads. 


All of Intymen’s underwear let you show off what you have. The only question is how much skin you want to show and what you want to cover up with tight yet comfortable material that leaves little to the imagination. 

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