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I tried sheer underwear for half a week and this is what happened

Being a blogger, life gets quite hectic with so much write about and finish those deadlines. You see, when you have to meet the deadlines at work and also keep up with you what you like, you have to give something more. Hence, I am sitting here writing about what I love and my own experiences at 1:30 am just after finishing a report that I have to submit the next morning.

Men's Sheer UnderwearI finally bought a pair of sheer underwear for men for myself and this (the blog) is my experience after a week of being in them. I bought 4 different pairs starting from the basic ordinary-looking men’s underwear to the sexiest that I could find at Erogenos. I wanted my partner to be there this entire so that I would be able to understand which one made me get all over her, but he wasn’t there the first two nights and came in on the 3rd day. I stayed in the pairs (single) for the entire day till I had to throw them away for various reasons (my wife took them off or I changed into my sleepwear). I am a conventional man who wouldn’t opt for anything new until I’m poked to the core and that’s exactly what my partner did with me. Having a closet full of boxer brief underwear and men’s bikinis (to be on the sexier side), now was the time to feel the allure of sheer.

The first day:

I made sure I went sexier day after day so, I took out the least sexy brief underwear made in see-through fabric and put them on. The starting was quite uncomfortable because the net-like fabric wasn’t settling down on my skin quite well. But I had to keep my patience - like I ask you all to do when I talk about thong underwear. By the afternoon, I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything down there because it was so light on the inside.

The second day:

I felt a lot more confident today and was quite comfortable with how the pair was treating my assets. It was a funny cum sexy feeling that I hadn’t felt before. Through the day, there was this constant smile on my face and my colleagues were wondering what was wrong with me. The pep in the walk and the flare that I had was what I noticed in myself. Though I never something would change my view of sexy underwear, this did. And, I felt happy.

The third day:

My wife was coming back today and I had to give her a surprise, so I planned an evening at home with the candles, good food, soothing music, and some naughty conversations. She was quite intrigued by what all was happening and kept on asking me the reason for all that. I told I had a surprise for her. She wouldn’t buy that. I took her on the cold floor and revealed. There was pin-drop silence for about a minute and then what happened is not what I would disclose. All you got to know is - it was the best night of my life.

The fourth day:

Scandalous, skimpy and super hot, this pair embodied everything that I have written about at different time intervals. I was by now quite well versed with how the soft and luxurious fabric worked and the experience was super hot. My partner couldn’t understand how to react when it came to looking at me in just my skivvies. The things that happened a night before happened all over again. I am glad I did something like that changed my love life for the better and now I have opened up to the different kinds of designer underwear available at the men's underwear online stores that inspires us to look fashionable.

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