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How to move beyond conventional underwear styles?

Isn’t it crazy how we look back and realize the changes that men’s fashion industry has seen? The fact that all the changes have taken place in the last decade is even crazier. The underneath fashion industry couldn’t escape the gradual development. In spite of the introduction of an array of contemporary styles, the majority of the male population still hesitate in revamping their collection. The modern and men's erotic underwear styles can prove to be a sensuous addition in your wardrobe, but what about the support?

This is the dilemma of most men that they hate changes and love them at the same time. Every man has a particular favorite underwear that he just can’t let go. What we really want is for things to remain the same, but get better with time. If you think the same way, then, you’re at the right place. Here are some of the ways to move beyond the conventional styles of men’s underwear without actually compromising your taste and preference.

1. Men's Boxer Underwear Styles

The traditional boxers and boxer shorts were more of loose fit and baggy in appearance. However, comfort and support made this style one of the best sellers of all times. Are you obsessed with your boxers? Well, you need not change your choice in order to stay in sync with the trend.

Intymen INC003 Relax Short

The modern underwear designers offer boxers with form-fitting style. The fabric of the underneath article sits on the skin and hugs the body of the wearer snugly. Thus, you can now spice up your conventions without actually moving out of your comfort zone.

2. Men's Erotic Underwear Styles

The gamut of men’s erotic underwear is taking the entire intimate apparel industry by storm. Yet, some guys are not comfortable in wearing the outrageous undies. Compromising the masculinity is the very first fear that haunts them. For all those men, the fashion connoisseur has come up with an innovative idea. The traditional undies of some of the erotic brands are crafted in see-through fabric.

Cover Male CM109 Running Short Sheer

Sheer underwear and men’s lace underwear are some of the options that offer a blend of the much-needed support with a touch of sensuality. Whether you’re looking for the basic brief cuts or the modern thongs, you’ll find it all in this category of underneath apparel.

3. Men's Jockstrap Underwear Styles

Even the athletic personalities get to party with the introduction of the modernized styles. Men's jockstrap underwear is one example that has hit the big-time in the fashion industry. The fashion jockstraps are just as sporty as the sports jocks. But the modern pieces are made up of sexy, revealing mesh and sheer underwear. With the teasing glimpse of your manhood, it has made it’s way all the way from the locker room to your bedroom.

Intymen INE026 Loving Jockstrap

Delving into the ocean of sensuality, the chic-inspired jocks go a step ahead with the open pouch option and balls-out options. These underneath styles are a perfect example of less is more. Keeping the support and comfort intact, the undies have lifted the taboos of men showing off their skin.

4. Men's Pouch Underwear Styles

Studies have shown that men are going for surgeries and pills in order to add value to their assets. This led to the introduction of men’s pouch underwear. These undies are designed with spacious and contouring pouch. Not only this, the pockets are designed with a special push-up technology that elevates the manhood and improves your profile. Adding to the functionality of the most traditional underwear style, the apparel can keep you comfortable during daily activity as well as during workouts. Isolating the anatomy from the body of the wearer, the underneath article reduces sticking and chafing.

Daniel Alexander DAI067 Limited Bikini

Rolling and bunching were the biggest issues in old underwear styles. The tailored fit keeps the fabric in place, so, you don’t have to adjust yourself in public. It may sound weird, but it is actually possible to revamp your entire collection without actually changing anything. Don’t let the taboos and conventions restrict your fashion quotient. Explore the possibilities and find the best underneath style.

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