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6 things that disturb men the most about their underwear

6 things that disturb men the most about their underwearDon’t we all like to kick start our day by going for a shower and freshen up ourselves and later slipping into a crisp, a clean and fresh-smelling undergarment that will be there through the day? Well, almost all of us. On the other hand, there are those who just start their day - somehow and regret the entire day. For me who take out time in the routine for the better get what they deserve, but the others are mostly disturbed because of something or the other.


This is THE biggest aspect that causes the disturbance for your mental peace. Whether the underwear for men is a size shorter than you wear or a size bigger, it will be a problem for you in the long run. While a bigger size would still be manageable because the form fit pants would hold it in place, the shorter size can cause you a lot more damage than you think. This element disturbs you constantly because you find it difficult to move around, sit or even relax in the long run.

Fabric discomfort

The next in queue is the fabric discomfort that stands equal to the size issue. If you don’t find the right fabric that comforts the assets, you’re in for some serious trouble. Rough materials or those which are not meant for your asset’s sensitivity are the ones which should be avoided. For example, if you feel that your underwear is creating problems like being rough or causing itchiness, you need to wash the same with the gentle detergent that will soften the fabric threads and fall softly on your manhood. If you don’t want to get into so much, opt for something that will suit your skin from the moment you slip into it.

Pouch adjustment

How do you feel when you have to time and again pick your manhood and bring it back into position? Think about someone else doing it in front of you. Would you feel good? It is the same feeling for others. Talking specifically about you, consistently reaching out your hand down there to make the adjustments can cause you a mental breakdown. However, some men get into the habit of doing so and don’t find it absurd at some time. This generally happens when you pick the wrong size of the style that is not the snug fit. More like boxers or g-string underwear.

Wrong style on a respective occasion

What can be more embarrassing than wearing the wrong styled fashion underwear on a particular occasion? Though some might take it as a challenge to look different from the rest, but sometimes, look different is not what you need. Think about you wearing boxers instead of thong underwear to a romantic evening while your partner sports a sheer lingerie. Wouldn’t that cause you a mental setback that will haunt you for days or months? Be careful of what you choose for the occasion or else you will be disturbed mentally and emotionally.


This the commonest of problems men (and women) face especially during the summer months. However, chafing is something that happens when your bulky tighty whitey briefs rub against the skin causing rashes and the redness. Eventually, the fabric causes wear and tear to the skin and that’s when you find your peace of mind lost. If you do not attend to the problem when it is just the rashes, you might experience immense pain and trouble moving around.

Flat front

Raise your hand if you are in love with enhancement. What if you that you ask for a pouch enhancing underwear but what you get is a flat front? This might be the last one on the list, but it certainly isn’t the least important one. A flat front is meant for women whereas; men must have that slight bulge to show off a pleasing personality. Hence, before investing, read the description thoroughly and then make the purchase. Do you have any other disturbances to add in the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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