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5 Erotic Underwear brands that have gone too far

What’s your idea of men’s erotic underwear? Which men’s underwear style do you consider being erotic? Will be the sheer briefs or the conventional male thongs that would give you goosebumps when the respective adjective will be added to the same? These are the common questions about the respective style. 5 Erotic Underwear brandsWhen it about how erotic things get in the bedroom somewhat depends on how you take things forward, but what men’s underwear style you wear is where it all starts. The men’s apparel industry has been evolving with time and bringing forth brands that have gone past the sexy underwear category and stepped in that area where you just can’t stop thinking of how you’d get down to the action. At Erogenos, we’ll list out 5 erotic underwear brands that have actually gone too far in laying down everything on the table.

Miami Jock Underwear

Miami Jock UnderwearYou think erotic, Miami Jock is one brand that will leave you panting and craving for more when it comes to getting down & dirty with your partner. From the collection of basic boxers crafted in sheer fabric to the harnesses, body suit for men and ultra revealing jockstrap underwear, the brand has to be on top of the list. The oomph level rises when you slip into the barely-there designs with the masculine appeal.

Good Devil Underwear

Good Devil UnderwearThe next in queue is the brand that has been around for a long time and has been the one that offered skimpy apparel even when men weren’t fully aware of the same. Good Devil Underwear provides products that will make your partner break a sweat even on a chilly evening. The open pouches, string-designs and so much is available to make you feel absolutely stunning with no fabric down there. An ideal label for men who like to go commando.

Kyle Underwear

Kyle UnderwearIf you are an underwear fanatic that keeps high on the sex appeal, you wouldn’t miss out Kyle Underwear. From the feminine floral prints to the skimpy sheer underwear with solid panels in the right place to raise the heat between you two while the products do the best to tempt you to the most. It is like falling in love with oneself before it appeals your partner. The collection of accessories by the label will certainly keep your hopes high.

Secret Male Underwear

Secret Male UnderwearComing to the brand that has opened a whole new level of charm and sensuality for men, Secret Male Underwear has given the male population a collection of men’s panties. Not only this, you would also find that the brand lays down tops (bras for men) with scantily clad, feminine yet supportive underwear styles. From the differently styled bikini underwear, the recent additions have styles like thongs and men’s g-strings as well.

Daniel Alexander Underwear

Daniel Alexander UnderwearYou wouldn’t have thought that Daniel Alexander Underwear would be something like this if you would have seen the first collection offered by the brand. Though the cuts were still high, the aim of the brand was to incorporate comfort in all the products. Eventually, the fabric started to go minimal and the sex appeal went up. The inventory has a gamut of styles from the basic briefs to alluring g-strings and more. Which brand do you consider as erotic? Isn't your brand mentioned above? Do let us know the name in the comments below.

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