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10 fashion brands to consider in Men's Underwear

The last few decades have witnessed the men’s fashion industry undergo a fashion revolution that brought a lot of good to the male population. Being one of the fastest growing spheres among others, it is the men’s underwear industry which didn’t notice a downfall even in the recessional time. Well, that’s exactly how you measure the passion that every man has for his underneath fashion. With the awareness among men comes demand of the popular brands and the demand leads to numerous names that compete to be the best among them. However, how is it possible to choose those brands which actually intend to sell you the comfort and support rather than just products?

10 fashion brands to consider in Men's Underwear | Erogenos

To make your life simpler and save you from being a part of the hassle, we’ve compiled a list of 10 fashion underwear brands that you must slip into for a luxurious feeling.

Calvin Klein

Needless to be described Calvin Klein is an iconic label that understands the needs of the male anatomy and puts forward a stylish appeal. With a collection that is bold, classy and functional, you can depend on the brand for every possible need. The label has a bestseller range of conventional styles like men’s brief underwear, boxer briefs, trunks and more.

Pistol Pete

When in doubt, Pistol Pete Underwear is which makes you look and feel absolutely sporty below the belt. With macho designs that speak volumes about your personality, the support offered by Pistol Pete is beyond any doubt. The center of attraction is the tiny features including the pouch openings, glazed textures, broad mesh underwear designs (to lay out everything) and so much more is there.

Good Devil

How could we leave the sexiest of them all from the list? Well, when you talk about sexy underwear, Good Devil has to be there. With the most upfront view about the male anatomy, the brand believes in keeping the same to be seen and sexified. With the bestseller category of male thongs and g-string underwear, the brand also has c-strings for men.


Definitely, a worthy contender and perfect for men who like to keep their underneath fashion subtle, 2xist Underwear are peppy, supportive and affordable. With a lot of colors available in the inventory, the label brings forth your bright side of the personality to the forefront. The contouring pouch with the conventional cuts in every product is what makes them a must-have.


Agacio Underwear is my personal favorite for so many reasons. I have practically seen the label go from the subtle, sophisticated to sensuous and sexy. What men who slip into Agacio love about the brand are the undying support with fabric compositions that can’t be more comfortable down there. The pouch is what the brand sells because the visibility provided by the same is neither too outrageous nor shame for the personality.

Joe Snyder

If you really want to take a dive in rainbow colors, Joe Snyder Underwear is what comes across as the ideal brand. With the raciest of styles like tangas, bulge boosting pouches and lace underwear, the label has spent a very long time in the industry. The basic aim of the products by the brand is to provide comfort with sex appeal and vibrant colors.

Cover Male

Known for the gamut of designer underwear styles, it is the comfort-providing technique by Cover Male Underwear that makes it stand out in the crowd. The label tries the best to make the first time wearers feel absolutely comfortable and sexy with revealing apparel styles. Camo underwear is one collection that is quite popular among other bestseller categories.


When you want to get naughty and playful with your partner, there’s no brand that can do better than CandyMan Underwear. With a collection of costume underwear styles, you will find a lot of lace, sheer, innovative designs and much more. Sex appeal and fashion quotient are what you’ll find in every product.


WildmanT Underwear is that apparel brand which comes in handy for times when you seek visibility down there. With an exotic collection of ball lifters or even built-in c-ring briefs are the styles worth taking a look at.


Who wants to get into the spirit of Colombian inspired styles? Clever Underwear is what gets you exactly in the mood and feel. With a variety of styles being offered, Clever Moda is a clever brand when it comes to its designs and lively prints it offers in its assortment. Which is your favorite brand? Do let us know in the comments below.

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