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Men's Thongs - Things you need to know

Men’s thongs were something that I had never tried before and wasn’t even in the mood to try them out. However, the men’s underwear style was introduced to me by one of my friends when we were on a vacation and he saw that I had only a few pair of bikini underwear and boxer briefs. Men's Thongs - Things you need to knowHe was quite sure that how the style was and how you’d feel when you’ll slip into the same. It has been almost 3 years now that I have never felt that they aren’t or shouldn’t be a part of my closet. So here I am and this blog is for those who are still skeptical about buying a pair for themselves and slipping into them.

How does the style look?

Whether a fan of minimal fabric or not, thongs or even g-string underwear for men offer fabric coverage that makes you look sexy as well as feels awesome down there. The conventional style was something that carried a thin waistband with a prominent pouch holding the manhood in place with the string that connects the pouch on all the three sides of the waistband. This makes you supported in the front while bare in the back. Though, the newer brands have started to experiment with the coverage and have made it possible for conserved personalities to adopt the style.

What are the reasons to wear thongs?

The exotic underwear style is worn for numerous reasons including:
  • Comfort
  • Sex appeal
  • Stylish
  • Convenient
  • Exposure
  • The feeling of sexiness; and more.

Are there any other variants in the style?

Oh yes!! When you aren’t getting all you need from the thongs, you can always try the variants. They are:
  • G-string: The first cousins of the conventional style are the g-strings. With everything alike, the only difference is that the latter has skimpy fabric while the former has varied coverage options.
  • C-string: Now you might call it another from the family, but it definitely has the generation gap that makes it more independent. Hence, the waistband is omitted from the style. So, it hangs there with the pouch, a metal string that sits in the butt crack.

Can thongs be worn everywhere?

Not in the starting for sure. You got to give time to settle down with the minimal fabric. However, later you can wear them wherever you want to. Thongs are considered to be so comfortable that they can be worn every day as well as on any occasion. Do you have a question to ask? Do let us know in the comments below.

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