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Men’s Thongs- Beware of these Situations

Just like every coin has two sides named head and tails, everything has its hits and flops. When we say everything, even the most basic of men’s clothing is included in it. Have you ever thought about your men’s underwear and when can the various styles be very problematic for you?

Men’s Thongs- Beware of these Situations | Erogenos

Just like we talked about the benefits of having thongs in one of the earlier blogs, this one would throw light on the number of times you should go for another sexy underwear style.

How does it look?

Featuring a small construction, men’s thong underwear has a pouch that covers the manhood with a waistband (both thick and thin) with a back strap that fade out as it goes through the butts crack.

Men's Thong Underwear | Erogenos

Now let’s look at the situations where you need to be cautious with the fashion underwear.

When you know it is not the right size

The symptoms of having a wrong thong size include- riding up of the fabric in the back, irritating feeling and too constrictive pouch that doesn’t allow your junk to settle in. You shouldn’t wear the style when these symptoms occur and irritate you below the belt.

When you’re in love with the fabric

The second situation is when you are in love with conventional styles that feature loads of fabric in their styles. Whether you’re a fan of boxer briefs or bikini underwear, thongs sound too minimal to them. Men who love fabric find it too difficult to adjust with string-like construction in the back with just the pouch in the front. But you can try the ones that feature more fabric than the conventional style.

When you’re ill

You’ve got a running nose or have a bad cough? Men with weak immunity and the ones who’re already suffering from these issues must stay away from the style till they’re not healthy. This increases the chances of you getting an infection in the privates and make things all the more worse for you. Get well soon and you can very well sport the style.

When you have a bacterial infection

Talking about illness, having a bacterial infection can cause you a lot. The logic behind not wearing either thongs or g-string underwear while you have infection is that fluid discharge has better chances to spread from the front to the back because of the minimal (string-like) coverage. Abstain the sexy style in these situations and adopt something equally sexy like sheer underwear made of cotton or even conventional as well as comfortable jockstraps. We hope these help you have a healthy intimate life.

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