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Play hide and seek with the Miami Jock G-String

Do you like what the popular brand Miami Jock Underwear offers to men? The men’s underwear brand started off as sexy underwear and soon the designers realized that the industry lacked that erotic appeal, hence, the same was added by the same. Now, when you take a look at the inventory, you’d find products that are not for the meek and fainthearted. In fact, the pieces are meant for the daring as well as adventurous personalities.

Miami Jock G-string

The product that we’ll talk about in this blog is to be considered the subtle one. But wait! By subtle, it definitely does not mean that it is anytime lesser than any other. The Miami Jock G-String is the hot property that makes you look and feel stunning. The shimmering texture being the first thing to see, the products innovative coverage is the next in the queue. The men’s g-string underwear looks more like a boxer brief with a string deciphering that is the skimpy apparel style. 

Miami jock g-string

The fabric composition of 78% polyester and 22% spandex is what will make you move around with ease and keep the pair stay longer with you. The pouch intends to hold up the position with strings stretching it on all the sides forming a cage-like structure in the back. Find the colors at Erogenos.

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