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G-String for Men - A Brief History

G-String for Men- A Brief History | Erogenos If you have been wearing men’s underwear styles like g-string for men or even male thongs, you’d know how they feel below the belt. However, do you know where did the former style come from? Well, if you want to know where it all started, we’ve brought it to you in brief. This blog lays down the history of the sexy underwear style in brief.

Old times

If you take a look at the history, you’d find that in the older times, styles like thongs and g-strings were not segregated and were considered to be the ancestors of loincloth. Isn’t it amazing? Back then, you’d find instances which prove that men were the worthy wearers of the style. They were seen wearing the respective style when they made their way for swimming to the pond or river.

Worn by tribal people

Later at the beginning of the 19th century, the g-strings were worn by the African tribes. Thousands of years ago, San Bushmen in various parts of Africa fashioned thongs from animal skin that were held onto their waists with a cord.

Came in fashion with Sumo wrestlers

It is still to be justified whether Sumo wrestlers wore thongs or g-strings, but they did wear the style that brought it into the mainstream world showcasing men wearing the same. The style disappeared like the thongs did after that and it had gone to come back in style later. However, when the style made a comeback, it came as a luxury for women class that provided both sex appeal and exposure to the female assets. The female strippers were then seen wearing g-strings.


Eventually, the male fashion industry took hold of the same and never turned back from there. Now you’ll find men not only accepting the fashion underwear, but they are also flaunting their masculinity with the skimpy pieces. With a variety of styles available at, g-strings are a sure shot if you are in love with your manhood.

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