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5 Super facts about Halloween bet you didn't know

Every year, we wear scary sexy costumes, bob for apples, carve pumpkins, decorate our homes on the most enthusiastic holiday of the year, Halloween, but do you know why?? 5 Super facts about Halloween bet you didn't know
Halloween or what is also called as All Saints Day, All Hallows Eve, Hallowe’en or even All Halloweens Evening is celebrated throughout America (and other parts of the world as well with other names) on 31st October every year. With all the spooky costume parties being held, children going around asking for trick-or-treating and all the other customs, do you know where it all started?? If you don’t, we’re here exactly to do that for you!!
It all started back some 2000 years ago when Samhain was celebrated to keep the dead from coming back. Though the face of the holiday has changed a lot since then, there are certain facts that will boggle your mind and give you reasons to go deeper in history to find answers to the same. This blog will layout 5 super facts about the spooky holiday that you didn’t know.

Dressing in costumes has been there since Samhain

halloween-costumes The Celtic festival Samhain was celebrated with the belief that the wall between the human world (mortal) and the spirits or ghosts dropped and if you dressed up as ghosts, they would not be able to recognize you. It was a way to trick the spirits and make them go away and never come back.

Jack-O’-Lanterns were carved in potatoes, turnips, and beetroots rather than Pumpkins

The custom of carving the Jack-O’-Lanterns have come from an Irish tale where a man named Stingy Jack tricked the Devil to not take his life. In fact, he did something that made Devil add 20 more years in his life. In the story, when Stingy Jack died, God didn’t give him place in heaven and he was thrown back to earth in the form of burning coal. So the coal was thrown in a turnip as the lantern. Hence, the name was given. Based on the tale, people carved the potatoes, turnips, and beetroots to keep the ghosts or Devil away. Eventually, the custom became more of fun-filled celebrations and pumpkin became the face of the Jack-O’-Lanterns.

If you’d celebrate Halloween the way it used to be in starting, you’d be wearing animal skin and head

Now where men have gone to an extent of going designer underwear and costumes for the parties, if you’d still be celebrating the Halloween the way it was celebrated by the Celts, you’d have to wear animal skin and head as a part of the costumes. Back then, the leaders of the Samhain parades covered themselves in a white sheet and had a horse skull to be merry.

Black cats, spiders, and bats are important symbols of Halloween

If you think that people dressing as cats or bats or even spiders has just started, you’re mistaken. All three living beings are often connected with black magic and witchcraft. Moreover, they even have a history of being associated with Wiccans which makes them a sign of bad luck. Bats, in particular, are the ones which go all the way back to Samhain rituals.

Back then you had to dance for your treat

Did you know that Trick-or-treating is a European practice? It dates back to those times when people went around wearing costumes dancing from door-to-door asking for tricks or treats. It also believed that back then, the poorer people asked for coins and money in forms of treats from the wealthy ones. That’s all for Halloween for now, will come back with more information about the coming up holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween and more. Catch the space for more.

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