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Interesting facts about Christmas

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Decorating Christmas trees, bells, and hanging stockings on Christmas eve so that Santa Claus can fill some gifts and toys in it, have you thought why it is done? Have you ever thought about why Christmas is the way Christmas is? 

Here are some interesting facts about Christmas, Santa Claus and we insist you to know about them if you celebrate 25th December. 

Jingle Bells is a Thanksgiving song, not Christmas. Surprised?

Jingle bells was written by James Lord Pierpont in the year 1857 and was published under the title " One Horse Open Sleigh". According to records, this song was supposed to be played in James Lord Pierpont's sunday school class during Thanksgiving as a way to commemorate the famed Medford sleigh races. Because people liked this song, this became a Christmas song later on. 

Sinterklaas which is the Dutch version of Santa Claus, arrived from Spain in the Netherlands, not from the North Pole.

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Sinterklaas is the Dutch version of Santa Claus that has little helpers. But if you think they are adorable hard-working elves, let us correct you. They are black-faced boys and girls who can take your kids away if they don't behave nicely so better teach your children. They bring them back to Spain which is a severe punishment, according to the Dutch.

Finding a spider or a spider's web on a Christmas tree is a harbinger of good luck in Germany, Poland, and Ukraine, that's what people believe

There are several believes about this theory. A spider wove a blanket for Baby Jesus that's what few people believe. Some people believe that if a spider web is found on the Christmas tree, it turns the tree silver and gold once the sunlight touches it. Whereas few people have believe that if you decorate a Christmas tree with artificial spiders and spider webs, no one can stop you from becoming lucky and you get prosperity too. 

Armenia traditional Christmas Eve meal includes fried fish, lettuce, and spinach 

Before 25th December, many Armenians fast for at least a week due to which you will include fried fish, lettuce, and spinach in their dinner so that their stomach doesn't feel overloaded. 

Japenese people celebrate Christmas by eating dinner at KFC 

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Well, the amount of Christian people staying in Japan is close to zero, each Christmas, kids, and adults head to the nearest KFC to enjoy fried chicken – the nearest to turkey which is found in Japan. It's all gratitude to an effective "Kentucky for Christmas!" advertising effort in 1947. First focused on outsiders, KFC offered a "Christmas supper" that contained chicken and wine – a dinner that distantly looked like the food expats and tourists had at home. After an immense achievement, Kentucky Fried Chicken began advancing this offer each year, until the fast-food chain became strongly associated with the holiday season.

 "X" in "Xmas" has taken "Christ" out of "Christmas! that’s not true

The shortened form of the word Christmas is Xmas. Some people feel that this spelling isn't right, since it takes the "Christ" out of Christmas. Relax, no one is taking "Christ" anywhere. The letter X ("chi") is the main letter of the Greek word for Christ or Christos, according to Greek alphabets.

The first artificial Christmas Tree wasn't a tree, did you know that?

The first artificial Christmas tree was developed in Germany in the nineteenth century, because of significant constant deforestation. The quill trees turned out to be progressively famous during the mid-twentieth century lastly advanced toward the US. It was made out of goose plumes that were colored green.


13 Santas and an old lady for kidnapping children, that's what Iceland Christmas is all about. 

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We don't know about other countries Santas but Iceland has 13 Santas instead of one Santa. The children are visited by 13 Yule Lads that either reward youngsters for a good deed or punish them for misbehaving. The occasion period starts 13 days before Christmas and every the very beginning of the 13 Yule Lads comes to houses and fills the stockings that children leave under the Christmas tree with desserts, small gifts, or decaying potatoes, depending upon the behavior of the child on that specific day. The mother of Yule Lads, half-savage, half-monster, astonishing elderly person Grýla, hijacks devious children and boils them in her cauldron.

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