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Underwear Styles + Buying Tips

For most men, it's one of our first decisions each morning. It's the first thing we put on and the last thing we take off each night. Some of us...

For most men, it's one of our first decisions each morning. It's the first thing we put on and the last thing we take off each night. Some of us just grab the first pair (hopefully clean) we can locate while others carefully select a style and color that compliments, coordinates, and meets the needs and aspirations of the day. Enjoy reading Underwear Styles Defined and Buying Tips. Men are steadily becoming more and more adventurous in the underwear department. Our culture glorifies the sexy, the masculine, and the stylish. Guys have followed suit flaunting, presenting themselves, and marketing themselves and their bodies all over social media and the internet. We have become so visual in how we communicate and consequently, our underwear choices have become a very important form of expression. What's your motivation when it comes to your underwear?  For some, it's pleasing yourself or your mate, while others seek fashion and style expression. A large % of men just look at it as something to cover their ass. This article may not be for them.  :) You've got to have some good profile pics these days right to advertise the goods. Check Instagram for anything #sexy, gym, male model, butt, abs, and you will be mesmerized by the multitude of sexiness on full display. Most of us may be less inclined to show our nude male bodies BUT the next best thing or tasteful thing to some may be to serve it up in a sexy pair of flattering underwear. Even young and mature fashion-conscious men are probably unaware of the huge range of underwear brands, colors, prints, fabrics, and styles available today. Each season industry brands continue to add to and push the envelope and release new collections growing this billion-dollar industry. Research suggests today over 80% of men buy their own underwear with over 50 percent of that group shopping online. Single guys generally value variety a bit more and overall guys tend to stock up 3-4 times a year. Married guys are all about comfort and tend to keep their underwear a bit longer in comparison. Choosing which type of underwear works for you just takes a little bit of trial and error so we will breakdown a few styles to give you some insight and possibly open you up to something new.

Key Underwear Styles for Consideration


Most men know them as tighty-whiteys, hanes, the fruit of the looms, BVD's, jockeys, or just briefs. They are classic and still the most favorite of the underwear styles. Briefs come in a variety of cuts. Classic briefs typically are mid-rise and characteristically cover the entire backside but leave the upper thigh area exposed. Men who prefer briefs often enjoy the contoured fit but like less fabric than a boxer. Briefs

- a great choice for everyday wear / versatile design - still most popular cut - popular brief styles include low rise, no show, mid-rise, speedo, sports brief, - pouch styles fly or no-fly SHOP BRIEF UNDERWEAR


Equally popular to briefs, boxer-briefs represent a cross between a brief and a traditional boxer underwear styles. They are great options for a workout or everyday wear as they provide good support and more coverage.

Boxer Briefs

- cross between brief / boxer - long trunks - 1/3 to 1/2 of thigh covered - compliments nice legs - great options for workout / gym - cotton-spandex or nylon-spandex (elastane) options most common - women find them sexy - traditional style for traditional men SHOP BOXER BRIEF UNDERWEAR


We all need a pair of boxers as they often double as shorts, serve as pajamas, and are perfect for lounging. Plaid prints and woven boxers are popular styles in these underwear styles.

Boxer shorts

- lounge shorts - loosest style / breathable - most feature functional fly - great for sleepwear in place of pajamas - preferred by larger guys and worn with loose or fuller-cut clothing.


Often referred to as low rise boxers or square cuts, trunks provide full front and back coverage with the short length only extending to the top of the thigh area. The trunk underwear styles offer a contoured fit and are perfect to wear with your favorite pair of low rise jeans.


- square-cuts, low rise boxers - a modern hybrid of brief and boxer-brief - form-fitting

- pouch designs include fly, no-fly, anatomic, suspensor - popular for working out - versatile design worn with anything - comfortable stretch waistbands.


Jockstraps cover a lot of functions today. Initially designed for athletic support, they now include fashion, erotic, and hybrid designs. They provide support as well as offer sex appeal with their minimal design. They feature an elastic waistband, front pouch and leg wrapping elastic bands connecting.


- athletic classic, sporty, fetish, fashion options - known as athletic supporters or just jocks - lift package up and away from the body - some pouches have cup inserts for protection during rigorous physical activities SHOP JOCKSTRAP UNDERWEAR


Ok, it's time to show it all off and exudes some sex appeal. You are confident and self-assured if you venture here. Maybe not for everybody but they are great for bodybuilders, sunbathers, adult entertainers, and other adventurous sports.

Thongs and G-strings

- full coverage pouch, t or y-back design - maximum exposure / minimal coverage

- erotic and enticing underwear - friendly outgoing social natured people - creates a seamless look in back SHOP THONGS AND G-STRING UNDERWEAR


Similar to thongs in the front design, bikini cuts are very sexy and feature a full covered back. The bikini underwear styles sit low on the waist and feature very thin waistbands or no waistband at all.

Bikini Underwear

- perfect for posing, bodybuilding, exhibitions, sunbathing - low rise - sits below waistband - pouch designs vary “ contour, suspensor, anatomical, enhanced, bulge, etc - ideal with low rise jeans SHOP BIKINI UNDERWEAR


Many brands are pushing the envelope today with design variations including see-through, sheer, and mesh jock-briefs, jock-boxers, c-rings, jock-thong hybrids, strapless briefs, pouchless briefs, and more. If you can imagine it, there's probably a design somewhere that's close if you search. We have a lot of underwear styles in the sexy category.

Sexy Underwear Designs

- Gregg Homme is the industry leader in outrageous top quality fashion underwear. - Can be pricey due to intricate construction and high-end fabrics - Statement makers, special event attire - erotic, fetish, lace, lingerie, mesh, sheer, see-through, and more.. - ideal to entice, excite, and enhance.

BUYING TIPS - Comfort is everything. Find the brand with the fit that best works for you. The best underwear makes you feel good and feels so good you forget you're wearing it. - Size Charts are not universal. Underwear is produced all over the world and each brand tends to think they know what's best. Check your brand's chart, customer reviews, and fit recommendations for insight. - Note to big guys. We are sorry for the selection available and size range produced for the big man by the underwear industry. We should ALL encourage and provide feedback to more brands to accommodate more sizes. - Less is more unless. :) Some brand waistbands are bold and others are subtle. You decide what speaks to you and what you want to say. - Underwear brands just like clothing cover a wide range of price points. You pay for what you get when it comes to your underwear in most cases. Spend a few $ more and your body will thank you and the quality will pay for itself in the long run. - Try some new colors. Every imaginable color option is represented these days. If you only have white, black, and grey in your drawer, you're missing out and you're boring! - Great styles come and go so when you find a brand, style, color, and size you like, STOCK UP 'cause you never know when they will become hard or impossible to find. We sell out ALL the time and many brands only make a select amount each season. - Your underwear style should change and update as you change and update.

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