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My Wishlist of 'All I want this Easter'

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Easter is here!! You might say that why would I a Wishlist for Easter? Well, there's no right time or wrong one for having a Wishlist. Does it?

Easter 2022

Erogenos is right here to make all your wishes come true this holiday season. Now, go ahead and check out all the wishes a man has when it comes to intimate fashion.

Easter Wishlist for 2022


Comfort has to be on top of the list for every man. Erogenos has a wide variety of men's underwear that is the ultimate definition of comfort.

Everyday underwear for men: The mens underwear online store features a gigantic collection of mens underwear styles that are meant for your every day. Further, you can choose your definition of comfort from the collection. For instance, there are male briefs by Agacio or mens bikini underwear by Cover Male.

Agacio AGI009 Jam Bikini

Cotton underwear: This is no secret that no fabric matches the love of cotton. Thus, you can choose from brands like 2xist, Parker & Max, and others. Further, they have an extensive line of cotton undergarments. For instance, you can choose from underwear, undershirt, and more.


There's no match for a confident personality. In fact, confidence comes in from the most basic - your underwear for men. Erogenos helps you build your confidence with a wide variety of options.

Mens enhancing underwear: Looking for something that will enhance your appeal? Do you want to enhance your frontal profile or rear? You have options like cock ring underwear, butt-lifters, and so much more.

Secret Male SMC001 Bodystocking

When you want confidence in the bedroom, you need something specific. Well, the line of bodysuits by Daddy Underwear and Miami Jock can take you all the way to erotic for sure


When you have so many styles, why would you settle for one? Erogenos has a fine collection of options for you.

Briefs for Men: This is one of the most common styles. They're your average undies. In addition, they come in several various rises, styles, and variants. Men's brief underwear covers the full-back and groin area in the front but leaves the upper thigh and side legs exposed. They are the most comfortable underwear for guys that has ever been created. They provide your diamonds with the best possible support and boost, making them look more beautiful and tempting.

Daddy DDJ016 Equality Brief

Boxer briefs for men: Traditional boxer briefs used to cover about half of your thigh, but currently, most boxer briefs barely cover approximately a third of your thighs. These are great for sports and workouts since they lessen the risk of chaffing, infections, and rashes. They give the same support as a men's brief, but men's boxer briefs have the most coverage.

Men's bikinis: Men's bikini underwear is made with a string that runs to the back, letting your posterior uncovered. However, it is dependent on the option you select. Some men's bikini underwear offers varying levels of coverage and comes in a variety of designs. They are, without a doubt, the greatest swimwear available. The popularity of men's bikinis is on the rise since it is preferred by swimsuit models all over the world.


Good Devil GDK057 Love Thong

Thongs and G-strings for Men: Made with sensual clothing that has very little fabric and provides little to no coverage. When it comes to displaying your sensuous side, thongs for guys perform well. Wearing a thong to a party can help you get fortunate since it enhances your sex appeal and complements your abdominal structure. They are extremely daring and instill confidence in guys.

Jockstrap Underwear for Men: Any athlete who desires complete support and stability for their groin areas should choose these first. Leg bands fall over the sides of the butt cheeks. Moreover, attach it to the waistline. A pouch in the front stores the groin guards and cups to protect the manhood.

So, are you all ready to celebrate Easter in full swing? Do you have a mens underwear wishlist you would want to share with us? Let us know in the comments section.


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