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Get ready to fall in love with Bond men's bikini by Edipous

mens sexy bikini

Styles such as men's bikini, G-string, jockstraps are recommended to those who have been wearing them for a long time. Newcomers (men who have just introduced their manhood with them) are advised to stick to old styles such as men's briefs or boxers. But if we talk about Edipous Bond bikini for men, no matter which age you belong, you can wear Bond Bikini underwear for men. Let's dive straight into the reason.

Ediopus Bond men's bikini reminds you of briefs due to its coverage feature. This men's bikini is simple yet elegant and light on the skin and provides you a good amount of coverage on the front as well as on the back. Because it is skinny in design your thighs are quite visible hence we advise you to hit the gym as much as you can. The entire male lingerie has been designed in solid fabrics as a result, designers have enhanced this pair of a male bikini with the help of contrast colored piping that you will find on the edge of Edipous Bond Bikini.

male bikini

Bond bikini underwear for men has been designed in viscose and spandex, which makes it the ideal form of lingerie for your regular and gym activities. Viscose fabric is blessed with features like moisture-wicking abilities, highly breathability, stretchable, and heat retention abilities. Spandex is a lightweight fabric, capable of retaining its original shape even after washing and wearing several times, now you can understand why we suggest you consider Bond bikini underwear for your everyday activities and gym classes.

Speaking about its waistband, its "so-called" waistband displays the name of the brand.

Key Features:

  1. Comfortable and supportive
  2. Lightweight
  3. Available in different colors and sizes.
  4. Can be considered for your gym and everyday activities

Being snug-fitted lingerie, you can style it with high-waist and fitted denim. You can even consider this for your beach time and sexual pleasure.





mens sexy bikini






To get the best out of your lingerie, give this a hand wash with chlorine-free detergents and soaps. For machine wash, place your delicate bikini for men in a mesh bag or pillowcase. Air drying is what recommended over tumble dry because it doesn't ruin the fabric quality and its shape.

To shop for this elegant pair of men's bikini, visit You can shop for other styles such as men's briefs, boxer briefs for men, boxer shorts, men's jockstraps, thongs, bikinis for men, G-string, and costumes ( for foreplay). Erogenos serve a separate line of swimwear, including styles such as Briefs, thongs, male trunks, and board shorts. You can even shop according to styles and brands that too at an affordable price. If you are new to this website and do not understand which style will suit you, you can check out their best sellers category.

You can shop this product here: Edipous EDI012 Bond Bikini

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