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Want to kill women with your confidence? Try male thong


Man in thong always looks promising and killing. The reason behind feeling
good in male thongs is because it's lightweight and comfortable which gives the wearer assurance that everything is alright.

This style of men's underwear is suitable for all-day wear, rather than a style ripped off by male strippers. And you will be surprised to know that you can kill women with confidence once you try a male thong

Honcho HOK021 Tour Thong

Let' find out how.

1. Thong underwear for men support your package

When you know you are not just comfortable but secured down there, the amount of confidence you get is outstanding. The male thong is designed to offer super strong support to your male anatomy regardless of its skinny construction. Moreover, if you have gained weight or lost, your private parts will still attain support. 

Kyle KLL017 Peru Thong


2. You can show off what you got 

Women love when you show how confident you are in your skin. Women love when you walk off that door with immense confidence. And that's the reason why trying male thong at least once is a must. Thong underwear for men fits you well. Its skinny design lets you move freely due to which you don't feel any restriction down there.

Daniel Alexander DAK055 Monster Thong

If you are a fitness freak and wish to try a new pair of men's underwear apart from jockstraps for men, then it has to be a male thong. This tiny pair of male lingerie motivate you to pick up your workout routine and

work even harder.


3. Comfortable like anything

Besides the right support, you experience immense comfort. The wearer stays cool in thongs due to which he feels comfortable. Moreover, you feel fresh and dry. One of the things that men enjoy about wearing a thong is the barely-there coverage, which allows them to feel light and free while still being supported in the genital area.

Cover Male CMK050 Striker Thong

This pair of male underwear offers proper ventilation that lessens the chances for sweat buildup as well as odor-causing bacteria to thrive. As a result, whether you are exercising or in the office, you will feel fresh.


4. Better hygiene resulting in higher confidence

One of the important reasons men in thong feel confident is because they know there is nothing down there to get worried about. Thongs come with less fabric that resulting in fewer chances of bacteria growing or getting trapped. This allows stench and infection to enter the room. 

For the better health of thongs, make sure you wash them everytime you wear them and the best thing, it won't consume much time 

 Cover Male CMK059 Lover Thong

5. Increase your sex appeal

Man in thong looks more confident because he knows he can easily take things to next level and can spice up the relationships. The barely naked coverage is something that is loved by men. Moreover, men get to feel breezy, relaxed, and free.

This style of male lingerie helps you in increasing your sex appeal as well as lets you put your best moves forward with confidence. This can boost your self-esteem.


Where to shop?

You can shop for this sexy male underwear from Erogenos. From colors to sexy designs, you can spot all types of thongs under one roof. They started in the year 1998 as a small underwear retail store in a popular neighborhood called Chapinero in Bogota, Colombia. Erogenos has a wide range of thongs, jockstrap underwear for men, Briefs, boxers briefs, bikinis as well as g-string underwear for men. 

Men looking for all-day comfort without compromising with "FASHION FACTOR" must opt for a male thong. Also, make sure you know your right size. Wrong-sized undies may land you in an uncomfortable situation, which definitely sounds pathetic.

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