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New Launch: Miami Jock MJE054 Jockstrap Underwear


The highlights of the Miami Jock MJE054 Jockstrap 

The biggest highlight of the Miami Jock Jockstrap is the pouch its pouch element. The criss-cross design on the pouch gives a nice glimpse of your manhood. This pair of male jockstrap is not meant for every man out there.

The fabric with a leather kind of texture makes this sexy jockstrap royal. To offer a solid grip, designers have used metal rings. Miami Jock MJE054 Jockstrap underwear for men is available in different sizes as well as colors. 

About the brand

A popular brand in the men's underwear industry that has a massive appeal among today's fashion-conscious males, it's none other than Miami Jock. The underwear-based costumes are what make Miami Jock different from other male lingerie brands. Furthermore, the brand's sexy as well as playful collection got something or the other for every personality.

Miami Jock MJE054 Jockstrap Royal Blue

Speaking about the underwear collection, the brand offers a wide range of male jockstraps, briefs, boxer briefs, and male thongs, and also, G-string underwear for men. Styles like G-string underwear and jockstrap will help the wearer reveal the wild side. Moreover, the erotic underwear collection offers open pouches, in-built c-ring and other contraptions made specifically for the male anatomy.

About the men's underwear

This male lingerie is extremely sexy and doesn't dare to wear this style if you don't feel comfortable in such pairs of male lingerie. Such types of pairs of jockstraps or male lingerie are specially designed for bold personalities. This pair of jockstraps includes a pouch with an interesting twist. The criss-cross design in the pouch reveals your manhood. Hence, if you wish to have wild sexual intercourse without too much effort, this style is for you. 

The "leather-textured" elastic straps enhance the shape of your butt. These straps give a nice plump look to your butts. Miami Jock MJEO54 Jockstrap underwear for men looks great on men with great built. Your abs, toned thighs, and abdominal zone get a nice exposure. 

Though this pair of male jockstraps looks difficult to handle, the fabric Polyester-Spandex makes it easy to handle pair. 

Why Polyester-Spandex used in men's underwear?

Polyester Spandex Fabric is considered a fantastic invention for the underwear industry. Spandex as a fabric recovers fast because of its ability to recover and stretch. This feature makes it a suitable fabric for underwear.

Polyester as a fabric is a long and stable polymer which makes this fabric strong as well as resilient. Furthermore, it holds its shape very well and doesn't stretch out easily. The lightweight, supple, and strength are some of the features which make this fabric right for male underwear.

Miami Jock MJE054 Jockstrap Royal Blue

How to maintain?

Looking at the silhouette of this pair, you must have understood that it's not like any other pair of male jockstraps. Always hand wash the pair. Because this style is not an everyday style hence the chances of it getting dirty are very less.

Ironing and Tumble dry are not needed in the case of Miami Jock MJE054 Jockstrap.

Fabric Used


Colors available

  • Black
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
Mens Jockstrap Underwear


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large 
  • Xlarge



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