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Miami Jock's men's lingerie and accessories black collection- ideal for Valentine's Day


Erogenos was established in the year 1999 and used the successful experience of selling Unico in Colombia as motivation to relocate to MIAMI, FL, and become the 1st wholesale distributor for UNICO Underwear. Erogenos introduced cool, fresh new colors, and vibrant underwear for men in the traditional boring U.S. underwear market. Today, Erogenos is selling various pairs of men's lingerie styles from multiple underwear brands, and Miami Jock is one of them.

Miami Jock is known for its sexy pairs of men's boxer briefs, jockstraps, thongs, men's G-strings, and Bodysuits in different designs. Miami Jock is a Miami-based underwear brand that is positioned to provide value for money to its customers. The styles of male lingerie offered by the brand can turn you on in your bedroom. Each pair offered by Miami Jock encourage men to flaunt and expose their underneath assets below and even offer you the help they require. Waiter, Inmate, Police, Dracula, Pirate, Falcon, Santa, etc. are some of the underwear sets that you will spot in the Miami Jock underwear set.

Hence, we are suggesting, or to be specific, forcing you to shop for your Valentine's Day from Miami Jock because we know how lucky you can be if you pick lingerie or fashion accessories from Miami Jock. And to make your work slightly easier, we have come up with a few pairs that can help you to take the romance level one step ahead.

Miami Jock MJE053 Jockstrap

Miami Jock's lingerie pairs are not meant for shy men. You need to be bold and should have the confidence to wear such sexy pairs.

Miami Jock's MJE053 Jockstrap is not like your ordinary pair of jockstraps. Designers have used sheer fabric to make you look more desirable. Further, the straps on the front panel make this pair of men's jockstraps more exciting. Though designers have come up with few additions, they have kept the essence of jockstrap alive. For instance, elastic straps.


Miami Jock MJE053 Jockstrap Royal Blue

In this pair of men's jockstrap underwear, designers have used the element elastic straps in a twisted form. As a result, your butts get a nice plump. 

Miami Jock MJE054 Jockstrap

Miami Jock MJE054 Jockstrap underwear is another incredible pair of jocks. This sexy male lingerie is a combination of two styles, jockstrap and male thongs.

The criss-cross pattern in the pouch gives a clear image of your manhood to your partner. Furthermore, the rings used on the pouch area hold the entire style firmly. The leather texture of the fabric offers this style a rich look. 

Miami Jock MJE054 Jockstrap Royal Blue

Make sure you are all cleaned up down there. Lastly, Polyester-Spandex enhances the comfort and stretachability of the style.

Miami Jock MJL032 G-string

This sexy black-colored or blue or red-colored Miami Jock MJL032 G-string underwear for men is the best style you can even have for Valentine's Day.

The cross pattern in the pouch area makes it unique and offers a nice glimpse of your manhood. Furthermore, your butts look great and if they are toned, do we need to mention how beautifully will things turn on?

Miami Jock MJL032 G-string

If you want to purchase this pair of male g-string for Valentine's Day, go with black and red-colored pairs.

Miami Jock MJV031 Pants

Trust us, we have never seen a pant similar to Miami Jock's MJV031 Pants. We have to admit that the designers have done a tremendous job. 

 Miami Jock MJV031 Pants

These pants look great on men with athletic physiques. If you are planning to invest in these sexy pairs, you need to groom yourself. Also, you cannot feel conscious because then the other person will come to know that you are feeling uncomfortable. 

To make these stretchable, Polyester-Spandex is being used in the pair. 

Miami Jock MJU006 Accessories

Want to try fashion accessories? Miami Jock's MJU006 Accessories is the right pair for you. 

Miami Jock MJU006 Accessories

You can wear this accessory with men's thongs, sheer underwear, mesh, and lace underwear. You can even go with a male jockstrap. 

This sexy accessory is available in three different colors- Blue, Red, and Black. Polyester-Spandex is used for designing the pair.

Miami Jock MJV030 Bodysuit

Take your romance one level up with Miami Jock's MJV030 Bodysuit. You can purchase this pair either in black color, blue or red color.

Men with a great build can style this bodysuit with lingerie styles like men's jockstrap, men's bikini underwear, sheer, lace, or mesh underwear. You can even wear this beneath your white shirt, keeping your shirt open and pairing it with a male jockstrap or thongs. 

Miami Jock MJV030 Bodysuit

So, which is your favorite style?Do let us know in the comment section below. We hope you found this blog helpful for you.


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