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8 signs revealing you need a break from old mens underwear

In this post, you will know about the mens underwear signs that reveal that you have to change your old underwear and find out something new to look sexy and...


How long have you been wearing your
men's briefs or any style of male underwear? Is it 6 months or 1 year? It's alright if you don't remember because I know it's not easy to keep a track of when was the last time you changed your underwear collection. You just pick your mens underwear in the morning, put it in, and just get back to the work. 

There are times when you don't notice issues in your mens underwear. There are times when you ignore that hole in the left butt cheek or an indescribable, gag-worthy smell and those are the signs which tell you, it's the best time to change your old pair of male underwear. This is high time to take a break from your old pair of male lingerie.

Besides these two issues, 8 more signs are telling you to purchase new pair of male lingerie.

Sign 1: Underwear with a hole

If your male underwear has got a big hole, it's time that you stop wearing it and discard it. Underwear with a hole is nothing more than just a waste as it won't provide you any support. 


Underwear for men

Sign 2: Are they smelling bad?

If your boxer briefs are smelling bad, it's another big sign to discard such a pair of underwear. It's time to get rid of your pants if they're giving off a foul odor.


Mens Underwear

Sign 3: Unwashable stains

Are you tired of washing your men's underwear with every soap available in the market and couldn't get away with unwashable stains? It's time to remove them. 

Sign 4: Stretched out male underwear

Stretched out male underwear is not capable of anything. You can never feel comfortable and supportive in a stretched-out pair of underwear regardless of the style it is. They fit horribly, demand adjustment after every few seconds especially after you stand so you should toss' em.

Sign 5: Making you claustrophic

Any style of men's underwear which is making you feel claustrophobic is not something on which you should stick. Such a pair of lingerie can only provide you discomfort and cut off your circulation which is not cool, right. 

Your underwear should be comfortable and provide the necessary support and foundation for the rest of your outfit - not make you wonder whether you'll make it through the day.

Mens Underwear Style

Sign 6: They are no more white

A fresh pair of men's underwear comes in beautiful color. With time the color of your lingerie starts fading away. In simple words, it used to be white or red or blue, now you can't even remember the actual color of your underwear. 

Sign 7: Your mens underwear is no sexier

However, they're now riddled with holes, stink, and would make a better rag than underwear. I don't know about you, but that doesn't strike me as particularly seductive.

Secret Male SMI038 Thick Bikini


Sign 8: Those horrible panty lines

The visibility of panty lines is now a normal thing, but some men and women still like to keep it hidden, including its waistband. In case your old pair of underwear for men isn't helping you to hide panty lines, it is better to keep them away from your underwear drawer.

These pressures have deserved a good toss for a long time, so toss them out now.

So if you find any of these signs in your old pair of men's underwear, you should surely get rid of your underwear. You can checkout new arrivals and some great pairs of male lingerie on From sensual to classic pair of lingerie, you can spot everything under one roof on the official website of Erogenos.


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