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What made male thongs popular?

mens thong

Thongs have always been a crucial part of the woman’s wardrobe and are loved worldwide. Due to its colorful history, this designer thong underwear for men made its way, not for the show but actually for its need to cover. As this male thong was used by the ballet dancers and bodybuilders to cover their genitals. This seems a little bit ironic as the men’s thong underwear is known for its minimalistic coverage and what’s the point of wearing these just for the sake of coverage.

Thongs in the men’s wardrobe

As thongs for men have been in the clothing industry for years now and still aren’t that common. This made me think about the history of its existence that led me to research a little bit. These sexy underwear for men are actually preferred by the ladies for in the form of swimwear and beachwear due to its sexy design. But in the case of men, it was preferred due to its comfortable design and maximum support as the men need it more!

mens sexy thongs

Inspiration behind the infamous thongs

As the main aim of the sexy thong for men was to expose the best part of your body, i.e. the buttocks and that inspired the designers across the globe to perfect the product. With this mens thong underwear comfort is of utmost importance and you would not regret it. This underwear for men is made for the guys out there who just want to play their game with that maximum level of confidence.

Thongs Vs G-strings

As male thongs at times are confused with the G-Strings due to the fact that they both provide minimal coverage to your package and enhances sex appeal. We can see the similarity but that’s not totally correct as the thongs are more support oriented than the male G-strings as thongs provide better coverage to the perineum region. In case of G-String being a specialized type, has got a string going over the perineum part which is preferred for more of show.

male thong underwear

Where to buy?

That’s what a thong is all about in a broader sense but what about the part where we can actually visualize it? That can be done at the e-stores of Erogenos as this has got some features that I would love to elaborate down below so hold your excitement as I am about to increase it by two folds. Erogenos is a multi men's underwear brand store that has been in the industry for over a decade and has got a large variety of designer male thongs so that you can get what you want. It is a great initiative from the Erogenos team that lets you choose through thousands of designs with minimal efforts.

At Erogenos you can even shop by brands as they have got loads of them. This particular part blew my brains as I surveyed through hundreds of web stores just to find that one particular thong that my partner wished for me to wear and I stumbled upon Erogenos! This website had me all hooked for hours as their product line made me want them all, so for me, this was the one. Try it once and I am dead sure that you will feel the same way as no other store gets you in the particular way Erogenos does, so hit that link and make that night adventurous and full of surprises for you loved ones.

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