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Not getting all you want from your Thongs? Take these steps

For the majority of us, picking our men’s underwear is more like stretching to the drawer and grabbing whatever comes first. However, sometimes it is not only about choosing any apparel style because there are times when the style can backfire on your personality and health. Did you know that there are rules for men's underwear as well?

Actually, there are!! And, you should take a look at them to figure out where are you lacking. Thongs are one of the most attention-grabbing and criticism inviting designer underwear style that has still not made its way to a man’s heart for a variety of reasons. When you say that “thongs aren’t meant for me, there has to be a reason behind that statement.

If you have already tried it and experienced it & are not satisfied with how they make you feel, you either need to rectify your choices or go and get some other sexy underwear style that meets your comfort. We’ve compiled a list of some problems that men in thongs face and also the probable solutions that can come in handy for you all.

1. Problem: Minimal Design

The very first reaction that you get to have from another when they see the style for the first time is - are you seriously kidding me? How can somebody even wear this tiny thing?

Daniel Alexander DAK065 Glare Thong

My junk is no way going to fit in the tiny looking pouch. Are they even for real? The mixed reactions to the single pair of the flimsy, sexy thong.

2. Solution: Choose The One That Features Broader Coverage

If you are too scared of what will the skimpy pair do to your junk, you can always start with a style that features conventionally more fabric.

Agacio AGK028 Lusty Bikini Thong

With proper coverage in the front, a lot of products at Erogenos have a wider back top for you to adjust properly. You can choose the one that makes you feel ecstatic.

3. Problem: Riding Up A Back String

When you first pick a thong for yourself, riding up the back string is the most common problem that you face. It is the MOST irritating feeling and I completely second it without any cross-questioning.

Daniel Alexander DAK061 Purple Leopard Thong

However, both the feeling and the problem can be tackled as well as overcome.

4. Solution: The Size Is The Basic Problem! Go For A Bigger Size

You might have bought the correct size in accordance to your regular underwear styles like men's brief underwear or men's boxer briefs, but thongs are special. You must buy a bigger size than the normal if you want the back string to stay in place and not ride up.

Cover Male CMK065 Focus Thong

So, the next time you pick yourself the sexy fashion underwear, go for a bigger size (not more than one up than your regular size).

5. Problem: Abrasions Caused By The Constant Rubbing

With just a tiny look pouch that stays between your legs and an encounter with sweat, hot days and more leads to chafing or what we also call abrasion caused because of the constant rubbing of the skin against the pouch.

Cover Male CMK063 Provocative Thong

The smallest of rashes can cause a lot more trouble than you can imagine and it must be stopped right there.

6. Solution: Enhancing Pair Is Your Solution

If you felt the problem occurring when you wore the style for the first time or even after being repeatedly worn, it is time to switch from the conventional style to men's enhancing underwear.

Cover Male CM202 Pouch Enhancing Thong

The elevating pouch has the capability to make your manhood/pouch stay away from the legs and prevent the chafing from happening.

7. Problem: Bacterial Infection

This, we know many of you are scared of and probably the one because of which you don’t want to adopt the style.

Daddy DDK038 Lover Thong

Bacterial or fungal infection is very hyped among men caused by the style and can be quite dangerous for your intimate health.

8. Solution: Change The Style Every Day

If you are a regular wearer of the style, you must make sure that you wear a clean pair of thong or even men's g-string underwear every day. The thin design that passes between the butts and attaches to the pouch is the main reason because of which the infectious bacteria comes from the anus to the shaft. As a result, you get the infection.

Cover Male CMK064 Provocative Thong

Hence, if you want this to stay away, change your pair regularly. We hope now you’ll be able to love thongs and let the style love you back.

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