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How does it Feel to be in Thongs?

I was just recently cleaning my wardrobe to get into that winter feeling plus I wanted to see what’s in and what’s out to keep myself updated. It was then I realized that I had a crazy number of men’s underwear styles in my top drawer and the majority of them were THONG UNDERWEAR. Probably the credit goes to the different variants that are available in the market and I have reached that level where I can call it my fetish. Feel to be in ThongsFrom the day I started wearing thongs, the way I look around has changed a lot. With keeping myself in the more confident picture, I feel happier and more aware of my choices. Telling you my personal experience with the minimal sexy underwear style, let me tell you how it feels to be there in thongs.

Ecstatic for sure

The very first time when you wear the understated elegance the right way, you have that feeling of being on top of the world. The ecstatic feeling of having something so unreal below the belt with the fabric making you feel sexy is exactly what you have inside you at the very first.

Scared and uncomfortable - at first

With all the mixed feelings that are going on inside you with thongs being there if you must be careful of the steps if you think it’s not serving you well. However, the discomfort will be there at first because you’ve never experienced something so tiny down there, but later it’ll be all okay. After all, you have to move to the way skimpier g-strings for men when you’re done with thongs.

The pampering feeling

When you choose the fabric well, it provides the pampering that your manhood needs down there. Being the most sensitive part of all and the most layered one too, it deserves the love & pampering. Explore the fabrics and choose the one that caresses your manhood to the best without being itchy or not-so-breathable or uncomfortable.

The enhancement or visible personality

I accidentally chose something that had a protruded pouch for a visible lift down there. You too can choose something that would shape your manhood for the better or increase its visibility. This is how I feel in my thongs. If you want to share your experience, do let us know in the comments below.

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