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Are you thinking of ditching thong for brief? Think again

Are you thinking of ditching thong for brief? Think again

Are you seriously going to ditch your mens thong for brief underwear? Don't you feel you should give a thought once more? We agree that briefs make you feel confident and secure when you are with them but thongs make you feel confident, sexy, and comfortable. They give the feeling as if you who are wearing nothing down there, does your brief underwear have the same to provide?

We agree that brief underwear for men provides good support to your package. Its pouch protects the genitals from any injury during intense activities like workouts, running, etc. Not only that but this style is ideal for places such as beach, swimming pool and even embrace your personality by working on the shape of your front profile yet you should not forget what all thong have for you.


1.Thong underwear for men:

Thong for men hides your embarrassing underwear lines which you might not find in boxers or brief, thanks to its narrow waistband. You don't have to think twice while picking up an outfit for you. Either its high-waist pants or fitted trousers like yoga pants, you may go ahead with any.

2. This style is easy to maintain:

Due to the lack of excess fabric, one gets enough time for themselves. You don't have to invest much time in washing them. All you need to do is apply gentle detergent or cleaning soap, rub gently, wash them with cold water and air dry them.

Virile VLK001 Thong for men

3. No Weight Worries:

Now, these features make it different from brief underwear because brief may cause an issue when you gain extra weight. it will get tight to you whereas that won't happen with thongs. They are designed for providing comfort regardless of whether you gain or lose weight, they do their job. 

4. Thong for men knows how to keep you cool:

This skinny design of thong keeps you sweat-free. Also, the fabrics which are used in designed them are lightweight and breathable hence you don't feel clogged due to sweating. The brief lingerie for a male is capable of clogging you, after all, they have room for extra fabric.

5. They can save hell lot of space in your closet:

Thongs underwear for men is so small that they won't take much space in your drawers. Apart from the closet, they occupy very little space in your suitcase which makes it ideal travel lingerie. Thong believes in living a simple, organized, and confident life.

Although, this style is made for everyone except those who seek full coverage. Thong for men are famous for their little coverage and exotic fabric but this idea of little coverage and texture can become the reason for low confidence in those people who are not used to such revealing mens underwear. Whereas people who love exposing their manhood must consider them because of its high and low cuts.

Feel FEK007 Thong for men

The second point which doesn't sound pleasant is, it is prone to skin infections. Men's thongs have the potential of building fungal and bacterial infection down there as they do not cover the manhood properly and because of its small coverage, it's impossible to absorb sweat inviting all the diseases.

Well, there are ways through which you can protect yourself. Stop wearing thong underwear while sleeping, no matter how comfortable or cool they keep you. For your regular wear, ditch synthetic fabric, and switch to underwear based out of natural fabric such as cotton. If you are unable to spot them, do visit Erogenos. Last and most important, stop repeating your underwear. Change and wash them regularly. If you don't have an extra pair, just buy them but don't put your health at risk otherwise you won't be able to recover.

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