The word Jockstrap refers to a men’s undergarment featuring elasticized belts along with a supportive pouch to keep the entire junk together while you are undergoing any sort of strenuous activity. The pouch construction protects and keeps the male genitals in place while the wearer is working out or participating in any athletic activity.

The jockstrap underwear for men was originally designed to protect the manhood of athletes and cyclists. However, with time it has evolved from being a sportswear to a fashion underwear style. If you want to try something that is sensual, stylish without compromising with the support, then, jocks are the best option for you. These athletic supporters are the most functional undergarment for men.

What are the striking features of men’s jockstrap?

The various characteristics that makes the jockstrap for men a must-have in every closet is listed below.

Even though, men’s underwear industry is overflowing with the assortment of new style, still the jockstrap is considered to be one of the most functional option for the adventurous men. It provides full protection and support to the manhood while you are running or undergoing any rigorous activities.

The skimpy underneath article provides coverage just at the place where you require it the most. Rest everything is exposed. The revealing back is an ideal option to reduce the sweat retention during sports and workouts. The ultra skimpy style wicks away the moisture and ultimately reduces the skin related problem that it leads to. Chafing, itching, rashes and other are consequences of sweating. Hence, the revealing style can keep everything cool and cozy.

Some of the big names in the industry like Good Devil, Miami Jock others offers an assortment of men’s jockstrap that is not only supportive, but the daring styles and bold cuts of the underwear can add a sensuality to your underneath fashion. The alluring styles of these brand can bring all the attention down there at the date nights.

The main reason for choosing this underwear style earlier was to protect the manhood from the injuries and internal bleeding during workouts or while indulging in any sort of sports activity. However, the contemporary styles of jockstraps have turned the entire table by 360 degrees. It provides protection, support as well as a boost to the sex appeal. The preppy and chic style of jockstraps of exotic brands can even accompany you at your date night. These fashion jocks are as sporty as the sports ones, but their revealing style and see-through pouch options can turn on the heat on a romantic evening.

The brands available at are as follow:

The inventory of the online store of underneath articles is unlimited, both in terms of styles as well as brands. At Erogenos, you will find an assortment of all the reputed names in men’s underwear industry. The undies of every brand has got special characteristics and features, thus, you can choose the right piece for every event and occasion. offers the sexiest collection of jockstraps that you can not only wear on the soccer field and at the gym but even for exotic weekend plans with your partner. You get ample choices both in terms of style as well as brand at the site. You just need to check out the assortment and choose the one according to your need.

In case, you are shopping for hardcore sports purpose, then, brands like AgacioOtzi, Intymen and few others are ideal for you. They are mainly focused on the support, comfort and protection of the male anatomy. The undies of Agacio are constructed with sack-lifting technology. While the pouch of Intymen has inbuilt c-ring contraption. The low-rise jockstraps of the labels are cozy and stylish at the same time. However, if you are looking for a much fashionable option, then, Joe Snyder, Cover Male, Daniel Alexander, Daddy Underwear and others are a better option. The jocks crafted in cotton, polyester, polymaide and other high quality microfiber with spandex is the most practical option for you. The colorful options of the labels can complete your everyday look and can bring a lot of spark in your closet. The mesh and sheer fabric, as well as the see-through styles, can inject a flare of sensuality to your personality. The exotic styles of Good Devil and Miami Jock are one of the most revealing jockstraps that you will find in the inventory. Dress to impress your partner with the devilish undies of these brands and leave her perplexed. The lace jockstrap of Good Devil reveals a bit more than expected.

Get all the contemporary options under your belt at reasonable prices. You get all this under one roof and at a click of button. So, explore the collection of jock at and find the right jocks for your need.

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