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Kyle KLE005 Lines Jockstrap


Size: Small

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Color: Black

  • Black
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  • Red


Line Jockstrap by Kyle gives the wearer the ultimate comfort and stretchability, inciting splendid leg movement, and the freedom of doing your favorite exercises. Discussing the development of Kyle's male Jockstrap, it comprises pouch and two elastic straps which are connected with your waistband. Although the design is like other pairs of male jocks, but when you will observe the way they have attached straps to your waistband, then you will realize what makes it different from the other pair of male jocks. Materials like polyamide-spandex are known for providing better breathability, less sweating down there and greater stretchability. This pair of men's jockstraps are for every occasion and ideal for your standard exercises as well. This suggestive pair of men's jockstrap underwear accompanies two versatile ties that hold your butt pleasantly and strengthen all of your day-long!. The thin waistbelt comprises the brand's name at the back. Also, it is capable enough to provide you better hold causing no irritating rashes or red marks. Kyle's Lines Jockstrap is available in different sizes

  • Brand: Kyle
  • Category: Men's jockstrap
  • Fabrics: Polyamide - spandex
  • Colors: Black, White, Red
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge
  • Features: Stretchable. Supportive. Comfortable.
  • Wash and care: No tumble dry. No machine wash.

Additional Information


Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge


Black, Grey, Red


Size Chart

Kyle Waist
Small (S) 28 - 30 71 - 76
Medium (M) 31 - 33 79 - 84
Large (L) 34 - 36 86 - 91
Extra Large (XL) 37 - 39 94 - 99