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When it comes to shopping, men can be either extremely good at it or probably the laziest. Things get difficult when it comes to shopping for men’s underwear. Probably because it is all about something that doesn’t reveal itself. There can be other reasons as well as with umpteen number of brands being introduced with their definition of comfort below the belt. With a variety of brands come a gamut of styles for the diversified male population. Hence, we at Erogenos, make all the possible moves to provide the most fashionable and affordable intimate wear to men.

Here at, you get the solution to all your problems. Every style of underneath clothing has got its own significance. Hence, the site has brought the entire design of skivvies under one roof. Right from fashion to functionality, you can find everything here. The various types of underwear in the assortment of the site is listed below.

Briefs for men are probably the most classic style that men look up to for their regular wear all over the world. With a bulky coverage down there, the style also raises the bar when it comes to snug-fit support for the manhood’s protection.

Why do you need briefs?

For coverage: this has to be the first reason as men prefer to have it for its ample coverage that enhances your sex appeal too.

For support: the main aim to invent something for below the belt was to keep the manhood in place without a lot of movement. Hence, it was done.

Snug fit: it is the very reason why men opt for briefs. The snug fit keeps the assets in place.

Boxers or boxer shorts came in when briefs were found to be too constrictive and men wanted to feel the freedom. Hence, spaciousness and comfort were chosen to be the main ingredients when boxer shorts were introduced in the fashion underwear industry.

Why do you need boxers or boxer shorts?

For comfort: this had to be the first and foremost of the reasons because that’s exactly why the respective style exists in the industry. The comfort became the factor for its existence and that when brands started to make the skivvies loose.

For sleepwear: who doesn’t like a comfortable sleep? If you do, boxers make the best styles to get the best sleep.

For going commando feeling: there are times when you just want to stay free but you can’t just freeball. Hence, boxers are the best way possible.

The next in queue is the style that took birth when both the above styles couldn’t please men to the fullest. So, boxer briefs for men were born incorporating support of the briefs and the comfort as well as coverage of the boxers. Rich in looks, it is meant for the workaholics and gym freaks.

Why do need boxer briefs?

Comfort with support: until these were introduced, men either got to savor the comfort aspect (with boxers) or the support (with briefs). But now the style makes it possible for you to have both.

Coverage: talking about coverage, the length of the style varies from mid thighs all the way to the knee, defining your legs for a streamlined appeal in the pants.

Pleasing personality: this needed a special recommendation because men who find themselves losing hope of looking defined, this style holds up all the drooling skin in one place while making you look in shape.

Men’s trunks are available as both underwear and swimwear for men. The style is a hybrid of brief and boxer brief and covers up to the point where your manhood ends providing the exceptional support and sexiness to the manhood.

Why do you need trunks?

They aren’t fabric-loaded: when you need support but not a lot of fabric on your legs, this serves the purpose.

Quite sporty: with the short design, you don’t have to worry a lot about them riding or bunching in one place.

Bikinis for men are the sexier version of the conventional briefs undoubtedly. The revealing style along with the supportive pouch gives an edgy look to the wearer. It can be considered as the skimpier version of boxer briefs.

Why do you need bikinis?

For sex appeal: who doesn’t like to add a little spice in their intimate wear by minimizing the coverage? This certainly raises your sex appeal with some skin show.

For pampering yourself: you need to fall in love with yourself to feel the confidence flowing. Hence, with the support and comfort of bikinis and the sexiness being the icing on the cake, you needn’t go anywhere else.

Men’s jockstrap underwear comes in the sporty category meant for the man who likes to keep it sturdy and supportive. Initially offered as protective garments, the current range covers the sexy underwear category. With just a pouch held by straps, the leg bands keep things in one place.

Why do you need jockstraps?

For no-movement: when it comes to the pouch, the jocks are reliable enough for a no-movement fit in the front.

For exposure: the back shows off everything that you have with just leg bands going below the buttocks.

For butt enhancement: when the straps or the leg bands go below the buttocks, the raise high looking rounder.

Thong underwear for men features minimal fabric, lightweight design and no underwear line feel as if you are wearing absolutely nothing down there. The oldest style of all times, this is probably the sexiest of them all.

Why do you need thongs?

Comfort: with no fabric at all (except the pouch), comfort automatically steps in.

Enhancement: the pouches are made to lift your personality with your manhood to an elevated position.

Prevent underwear lines: with no fabric in the back, you don’t have to worry about underwear lines protruding from pants.

Men’s g-strings are the skimpiest underwear style with a small pouch, string waistband and a string holding the pouch from below. It is a one of the ideal choice and the most sensual option for your date night.

Why do you need g-strings?

Prevent underwear lines: just why you need thongs for.

Sensuality: with the luxurious fabric incorporated, you get to have a sensual appeal.

Raising sex appeal: Very well known as a confidence booster; these have the capability to enhance your sex appeal as well.

Shopping at Erogenos is a like a cake walk. The site deals in the undergarments of over 50 reputed brands. With so many options to choose from, in terms of style, design, color, and brand, you are more likely to choose nothing, but the best. Some of the best and acclaimed brands in the assortment are listed below.

Agacio Underwear is a renowned name in the industry for its offerings that are comfortable and support-oriented. The conventional styles by the label are appreciated by men worldwide. What makes it different from the others is the Sack Lifting technique.

2xist Underwear has always been in the news for providing something that is equally stylish and comfortable for the manhood. The array of products make sure that your stay supported and at ease throughout.

Calvin Klein Underwear has been in existence for a very very long time. The brand brings forth a collection that is top notch and luxury pieces crafted with high-quality.

CandyMan Underwear is the peppy number that brings alive the naughty you with various incorporation that gives you a kick from within. The costume underwear is the most popular among all the exotic underwear pieces.

Cover Male Underwear is popular among men for so many reasons including the collection of colors it offers. Apart from this, the range has designs that would make you skip your heartbeat with all the sheer underwear, cheeky pieces and so much more.

Good Devil Underwear has always been the sexiest one for its offerings that unfold the mysteries and raise the temperature on a winter evening with its revealing products.

Intymen Underwear styles are everything you need for the sporty you. With the collection full of enhancing underwear styles incorporating hidden contraptions, c-rings and more, you get the best visibility. The pouch enhancing and butt-lifting properties of these undies have an edge over all the other underneath clothing styles.

2eros which is pronounced as “To Eros”, Eros, the Greek God of lust and love, symbolically represents sex, male virility, and passion. The designs by the brand say it all. Each and every piece is its inventory is timeless, stylish and functional.

Daddy Underwear is the new name that has taken the industry by its sexiness and authoritative collection of products. Every piece makes you more responsible towards your manhood and feeling sexy.

The collection of Pistol Pete Underwear is all about an alluring amalgamation of trendy designs, chic styles, sporty appeals and sensuous cut-outs. No matter what happens, the center point is always the pouch for the brand.

Secret Male is the newest to the list and has made a bang-on entry with the collection of men’s panties for men who like it soft and supple. The frills and the lace, the soft satin and the feminine cuts, everything makes sure that you get the feeling of being in your woman’s lingerie without losing the support in the front.

The list of the brands is never ending. Other underneath clothing designers in the assortment are CleverDaddy underwearDaniel AlexanderEdipousSecret Male, Vuthy, Pikante and many other.

All these and many more erotic underwear styles are available at So, explore the wide assortment and give a fashionable update to your wardrobe. Refer to the size chart and get the design that suits your personality.

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