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You might know thong to be the sexiest intimate style, but surely for women, but in reality, the men’s underwear style was originally designed for males. After spending more than a century in the industry, men are still wondering whether the respective garment should be worn or not. However, the upsurge and awareness spread all over the world about thongs has made it to be a style that the majority of men have adopted. The skimpy underwear article is considered to be the probable predecessor of loincloth (as the documented history states). The passage where the style got lost and never showed up was the time when it was reintroduced as women’s lingerie. One of the basic reason for thongs for men being a taboo in the society was their fear compromising the masculinity by wearing something that was meant for females and so was the exposure provided. After all, it is the fabric-loaded styles which defined masculinity.

However, if you are the one who think that thongs are only for women and you are too masculine to wear something of this sort, then, you need to rethink. It is one of the sexiest updates of the underneath fashion industry. The skimpy style of underwear supports your anatomy. In general, it covers the bare essentials in the front and provides about half an inch to a full inch material at the back that covers the crack. Whether you wear it with your everyday attire or you keep it in reserve for the special day, it will give a notch sexier look.

The unique construction of a typical men’s thong makes it different from all the other styles of skivvies. The revealing garment covers the bare essentials of the wearer and leaves the rest for the show. A thin elastic waistband supports the entire thing. Along with this, a tiny pouch takes the shape of the manhood and keeps it at the right place.

With the changing fashion trend as well as the taste and preference of modern men, the bold revealing style of underneath article has become popular among the male population. Undergarment is not only about functionality and comfort anymore. Men these days want the privileged feeling that women enjoy.

At Erogenos, you get a gamut of options that allows you to flaunt the best of your assets. Some of the thongs in the inventory features open pouch that lets the cat out, yet never fail you on the comfort front. The outstanding functionality and incomparable sensuality that it provides, is another reason for it’s popularity. The best thing about thongs is that this skivvy style has no underwear line. So, you can easily wear all sort of tight jeans as well as lightweight pants.

At Erogenos, you get everything, right from style to practical approach. The focus is to deliver the coziest and most ‘in’ styles of underneath articles for fashion conscious men. The inventory ranges from the basic styles of briefs, boxer shorts to the contemporary and daring styles of bikinis, thongs, g-strings and others.

Which brands will you find at Erogenos?

When it is about finding the right brands, you just have to log into the men’s underwear online store and find a gamut of brands. The online store is a one stop destination for all the need and requirement of an individual. Whether you are looking for quality, style or brand, the inventory has covered it all for your. offers the widest range of thongs of all well-known brands like Good DevilMiami JockEdipousDaniel AlexanderIntymenCover MaleAgacioDaddy UnderwearHoncho and much more.

Every brand something special to offer to the wearer. For instance labels like Agacio, Intymen are known for their subtle style, sophistication and ample support. Hence, the thong of this brand can be donned even at the your workplace. While the undies of Good Devil and Miami Jock is for all the men who prioritize sensuality over every other factor. The see-through patterns and mesh as well as sheer finishing of the brand barely provides any sort of a coverage. It can effortlessly spice up your equation with your lady. If you are not daring enough to try the rebellious thongs of Good Devil, then, you can try the subtly stylish undies of Cover Male, Daddy Underwear, Honcho, Edipous and few others. The erotic piece allows you to flaunt your masculinity without revealing your assets. The delightful colors of Cover Male can set the mood for some intimate actions.

Choose the brand that suit your requirement and brings a flare of style and spark in your personality.

Why shop from

It won’t be wrong to state that shopping from the online store are way more convenient than going at every brick and mortar shops. The huge inventory of the site provides an opportunity to choose a perfect pair of men’s underwear. The range of thong can complete your wardrobe for every occasion and event. All you have to do is to apply the filters on brand, style, price and color, and you’ll be directed to the page that matches your taste as well as preference. Refer to the size chart and get the perfect fit for you.

Erogenos adds to the appeal of shopping for erotic thongs by providing discounts and offers with the products. Go through the return policies before placing the product for return. You can easily apply for refund and replacement, in case you don’t like the product somehow.

The incredible designs, skin show and sensual cuts can jazz up your life. The pouch highlights your package by enhancing it’s visibility. The seductive and erotic underwear can simply spice thing up in your intimate affairs. There is no doubt about it that you look stylish when you feel sexy down there. An undergarment as seductive as a men's thong takes your confidence and sex appeals to the next level.

The entire assortment is available at reasonable prices. The various exotic colors like Cyan, Purple, Red, Silver and more can blend with every skin tone.

Flaunting your skin is very much in fashion. So, why settle for the conventional style at this time when men's underwear is getting smaller and smaller? Expand the horizon of your taste and get nothing, but the best for your collection.

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