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What is the basic need that you look for when it comes to picking a men’s brief underwear? Would you pay more attention to the support that the construction offers or the fit or even the level of comfort? All the above features blend in together would be a perfect feeling that you’ll master when you choose the right men’s underwear style. Ever since the tighty whiteys were introduced in the industry, the history bears witness that it has been the most loved and worn apparel style till date. Chosen by men of all age groups, sizes, body types and liking have preferred the style for its feature-loaded construction.

This skivvy style outsold its close rival, boxers and boxer shorts, in the year 1970. It has been of the most loved underneath article ever since then. The conventional styles of men’s brief have updated itself according to the current trend and with the change in taste and preference of men. Earlier the pouch option of undies kept the manhood somewhere in between the legs of the wearer. However, the modern brief is not only concerned with coverage, it even provides enhancement to the male package.

Keeping the requirement of modern men in mind the online store of Erogenos offers a wide range of. Whether you are looking for comfort, support or style, the assortment as got it all.

Discussed below are some of the variants of men’s briefs available at the site:

Low-rise briefs are one of the skimpiest briefs that you will find in the inventory. The brief cut provides just the required coverage and keeps the sensuality intact. While the pouch option snuggly hugs the manhood and keeps in place. The high-rise and mid-rise briefs are categorized according to their cuts. So, you can choose your style according to the amount of skin that you want to show. Both the style covers one-third and three-forth portion of the thighs, respectively of the wearer. You will even find men’s briefs with enhancement contraption. Briefs specifically in the pouch underwear category are meant to rub off the snug-fit, low sperm count image that a few studies have related it to. Some of the briefs are even made of sheer and mesh fabric. Now that’s what makes a passionate feeling below the belt with the icing or visibility. The idea behind sheer briefs is to provide you an exotic look along with ample support and lift. Brief are one of the alternates of jockstraps when it comes to sports and other physical activities. The sports brief is one option that can get you perfectly ready to steal the show at the sports field as well as at the gym.

Which brands offer men’s brief at Erogenos?

Men’s briefs are the nothing but a regular style that gives men what they want from their below the belt fashion, but what makes them so loved all over the world is the masculine appeal. The site has the collection of over 50 well-known brands. Name any reputed name from the men’s underwear industry and you will find it at the online store. When you see the different brands at the online store, you’d find that every one of them is unique in their own way.

While some might say that the pair is bulky and not fit to worn as gm wear and consider jockstraps for that, you might want to consider brands like Agacio, Intymen, Pistol Pete, and a few more. On the other hand, if you think that briefs don’t qualify for pleasure purposes, you got to see the offerings by names like Good Devil, Miami Jock, Daniel Alexander and so many others. Like we said, every brand is different, these ones have an updated their inventory in order to provide men with products that they can slip into whenever they want, regardless of the occasion. On the other hand, labels like Calvin Klein offer comfort and support at par. The brand is known for the fabric composition it uses in the construction of the undies. Thus, Erogenos can prove to be a one stop destination for all your underwear needs.

No matter what occasion you’re looking for, briefs fit in without any doubt. The low-rise fit of the briefs provides immense support to the package. The pouch being the center of attraction, the modern brands know its importance and have incorporated breathability with comfort for the same. In short, it is the perfect underneath clothing if you want to pamper your manhood.

Erogenos specializes in unique briefs that are bold, daring and eye-candy. You need to visit various brick and mortal, in order to explore the various brands as well as style. brings over 50 brands together under one roof. Added benefits like free shipping and user-friendly return policies make shopping even easier. So, what are you waiting for? Dig in the plethora and add some colors to your personality.

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