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If you have had tried mens jockstraps you’d know the feeling of being supported constantly below the belt. With the respective men’s underwear style, you can actually feel that the fabric is combined in a form that it supports the male anatomy till the time you take off the mens jocks. The jockstraps for men are specifically engineered men’s fashion underwear for athletes. There is a variety of them available to us. This style is known for the support and thrust they provide to your privates.

A men's jockstrap underwear is underwear worn under shorts or trousers for an athletic purpose. Well, that’s not how the conventional jockstrap for men looked like. The traditional pair of mens jockstraps actually had a pouch that intended differently - like safeguarding the manhood from any kind of harms possible. The modern design of jockstraps for men has a contoured pouch to protect and support (more gently than the conventional mens jockstraps) to the genitalia. Two elastic waistbands go around the thighs to keep everything in place. In addition, the leg bands have another task - to lift the butts to look more pleasing.

Athletic mens jockstrap underwear ensured that the genital areas remained as safe as possible through the rough sports and were therefore very popular. Eventually, brands started focusing on designing this style as fashion jockstraps that are manufactured for steamy bedroom action. It comes as no surprise that men are going for mens jocks to make those fashion statements besides looking sexy and attractive. Mens jockstrap underwear also comes in different styles and colors to achieve the desired looks and they are no longer boring as they used to be years ago.

Jockstraps for men in the market today are designed with fashion in mind and they accommodate all tastes and likes. Traditionally, mens jockstraps utilized the waistband, had a supportive pouch and an open rear. Today, the design is still well preserved but they come in different designs and different materials are utilized to make them into modern designer underwear.

There are a few types of mens jockstraps available at Erogenos. You can invest in the kind of mens jockstraps that you like and want to have. The first category of jockstraps for men would be - the athletic supporter-like mens jockstraps. You would be able to depend on these jockstraps for men when you need to feel that support and protection while you play games like soccer, basketball, and others where there are chances of you getting hurt. The pouch on the front has a plastic cup for extra safety from any kind of shock. It offers maximum utility to those indulging in high-risk games and sports. The next category of mens jockstraps is the fashion jockstraps for men. They are crafted to take the fun and playfulness to the next level. Teaming it up low rise jeans, it saves you from getting embarrassed by the exposing waistband. These mens jockstrap underwear are available mens sheer underwear, lace underwear for men, low rise underwear and so many others but the fashion quotient is absolutely stunning.

Brands available at Erogenos that serve mens jockstraps

Intymen: Known for the sporty appeal and hidden secrets, Intymen has been faithfully serving its customers with a perfect balance of enhancing features with classic styles. Pouch options offered by Intymen are innovative, sexy and very comfortable. The entire collection is made to lift your manhood in the most perfect possible. The cradle-like pouch options in numerous products have openings for easy access. The piping in the mens jockstrap underwear on the outside with the c-ring on the inside elevates the position of the package and puts it up front.

Agacio: One of the most trusted names in the men’s underwear industry with a reputation that goes a long way. Agacio has coined its name with the most comfortable brand that in classy and very sophisticated as well. The number of mens jocks in the inventory is comparatively, but the brand makes sure even then that only the best reaches the wearers. The line of jockstrap for men by the label is functional and fashionable. Support and comfort are two of the most mandatory aspects that Agacio jockstraps have and that’s visible from the list.

Cover Male: The collection of mens jockstraps by Cover Male are absolutely a delight to the eyes. You can definitely depend on the sheer fabric, handsome designs, supportive appeal and not-so-supportive options too that have their own purposes. The assortment by the label goes all the way from classic and conventional to sexy and sensuous. The availability of numerous colors and pouch options makes them all the more appealing. 

Good Devil: Good Devil has a very tasteful assortment of men’s underwear that is stated by the name itself. The pairs offered by the label are devilishly good and sensuously revealing. The array of products in the category of men’s jockstrap underwear is no lesser than the other when it comes to teasing and tempting the taste buds.

These brands are highly popular and used by many guys. They are different from each other in so many terms like fabrics, designs, cuts and more. You can find them all at You could even find names like Hung, Otzi, Daniel Alexander, Edipous, Addicted, Brief Tales, CockSox and so many others that would make you feel absolutely worthy of being the mens jockstraps.

Shopping mens jocks at Erogenos is a piece of cake for sure. All you got to do is apply the related filters on the website and tada!! you have what you were looking for. Mens jockstraps and its shopping never too easy before.

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