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Kyle KLK007 Micro Thong



    Color: Fuchsia

    • Fuchsia
    • Red
    • Turquoise


    Kyle's MicroThong is another staggering style of male Thong and to make it exceptional originators have played very well with the belt, though it appears ordinary from the front but looks like a string as you move backwards. This pair of men's underwear is made of strong fabrics that upgrade and protect your manhood effortlessly. The materials, polyamide and spandex, which has been utilized in making such a sensual pair of male thong gives a smooth and light touch because of which wearer feels as though he is wearing nothing. Polyamide and spandex together make it the exercise male lingerie. It is stretchable, adaptable, capable of absorbing moisture, and gives a light inclination due to polyester, what else you need in exercise underwear for men? Being spandex male thong, it can hold it's a remarkable shape. Another impression which generally, speaking, wearer feels from the beginning is, it might not be as strong as men's boxers yet that it's not the truth since it is made out of polyester which is a lightweight as well as strong fabric. Men's Thong by Kyle is there is different sizes

    • Brand: Kyle
    • Category: Men's Thong underwear
    • Fabric composition: 86.5% polyamide - 13.5% spandex
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge
    • Colors: Fuschia, Red, Blue

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    Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge


    Fuchsia, Red, Turquoise


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    Size Chart

    Kyle Waist
    Small (S) 28 - 30 71 - 76
    Medium (M) 31 - 33 79 - 84
    Large (L) 34 - 36 86 - 91
    Extra Large (XL) 37 - 39 94 - 99