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It's Veterans Day and not Veteran's Day! Much more coming up

Verteran's Day, now, that's one of the biggest mistakes which most people make. Veterans Day is never written with an apostrophe because we are not celebrating this day for honoring...

Verteran's Day, now, that's one of the biggest mistakes which most people make. Veterans Day is never written with an apostrophe because we are not celebrating this day for honoring one person. Veterans are multiple people who have served their countries during World War I. These are the people who have sacrificed their lives for their country.

There are several other confusion related to this day. Let's check them out as well but before that, you need to stand straight and salute thinking about them. HAHAHA, sit down and relax.

Stop mixing memorial day and Veterans Day, they are not the same.

The only point of commonality between Memorial and Veterans Day is that the celebration is not generalized, both men and women are honored because both of them have served in the nation's military. The factor which creates the difference is, Memorial Day is reserved for those who died while serving their country whereas Veterans Day is a time to recognize all veterans, both the dead and the living.

Veteran's day

Not every country celebrates with the same name. Different countries, different terminology.

On November 11, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson issued an Armistice Day proclamation—a reference to the arrangement made between the Allies and Germany to end World War I a year sooner. Congress would authoritatively pronounce Armistice Day a government occasion in 1938 (most states previously had their observances). In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower marked enactment that formally changed the name to Veterans Day, making the occasion more comprehensive of veterans who had served after and before the First World War.

Less than half a million Veterans are alive who served the nation during World War II.

According to recent research or estimates, around 450,000 of the 16 million people who fought in the Second World War are alive in 2019 and as per The National WWII Museum estimates around 350 Veterans pass away each day, that is the reason why the museum is dedicated to preserving World War II history through first-hand, oral accounts.

If it's a Veteran doesn't mean they were fighting for their country in a war.

Individuals from the military don't have to battle abroad to serve their nation. According to the Pew Research Center, during peacetime, only a quarter of the veterans living in America served their country.

People do have a misunderstanding that if it's a military mission, it must be war. But the fact is not every military mission includes war, it may include protecting U.S. embassies, giving catastrophic event alleviation, and carrying clinical help to devastated networks.

Veteran's day

There are states who are filled with a large number of Veterans. Surprised no!

U.S. states like California, Texas and Florida are the places that include Veteran populations. California with 1.56 million, Texas with 1.46 million, and Florida with 1.44 million. Other states such as Alaska, Virginia, Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii, and Maine, all with around 10 percent of the adult population being veterans. You will be surprised to know that these numbers together make up a fraction of the country's 18.2 million veterans, who can be found in all parts of the U.S.

Now the biggest reveal,


Yes, that's true.

If you wish to serve them even after 11 November, it is possible. Serving them throughout the year doesn't mean you have to treat them with fancy gifts or taking their family to dinner in a fancy restaurant. Serving could be small like driving them to a doctor's appointment, giving them a surprise on their birthdays, or just listening to their stories after all, intention is what matters more than deeds. There are plenty of organizations that are doing a great job in this field hence you can join hands with them and support Veterans around the country.

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