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Men's Underwear Styles

For most men, it's the first thing we do before making a decision about the daily wardrobe. Some grab the first (hopefully clean) pair, while some carefully select a style...

For most men, it's the first thing we do before making a decision about the daily wardrobe. Some grab the first (hopefully clean) pair, while some carefully select a style and color that compliments, coordinates, and meets the needs and aspirations of the day. Men are steadily becoming more adventurous in the underwear department and are more comfortable flaunting and expressing themselves and their bodies. The truth is that most men are unaware of the vast variety of underwear that is available to them. Just like everything else in the fashion industry, men's underwear fashion continues to add to and push the envelope and release new collections, growing this billion dollar industry. Choosing which type of underwear works for you take a little bit of trial and error, so we are going to break it down for you.

Key Styles for Consideration

BRIEFS Most men know them as tighty-whities, Hanes, Fruit-of-the-looms, bvd's, jockeys, or just briefs. Briefs usually have the classic design that's a favorite among men. Briefs come in a variety of cuts, and as we will look at designer briefs, you'll see how unique they can be! Common features of classic briefs are the mid-rise waist, while exposing the side of the thigh and covering your bum.
  • Great choice for everyday wear / versatile design
  • Still most popular cut
  • Popular brief styles include low-rise, no-show, mid-rise, sports briefs, pouches, fly & no-fly.
BOXER BRIEFS Equally popular to briefs, boxer-briefs represent a coss between a brief and a traditional boxer. They ae great options for workout for everyday wear as they provide good support and more coverage.
  • Cross between brief / boxer
  • great options for workout / gym
  • variety of fabrics: cotton / spandex / nylon /
  • Women find them sexy
  • Traditional style for men
  • Available in different lengths: mid-thigh / full-lenth
  • Compliments nice legs
BOXERS We all need a pair of boxers as they double as shorts, serve as pajamas, and are perfect for lounging.
  • Lounge shorts
  • Loosest style / breathable
  • Most feature functional fly
  • Great for sleepwear
  • Preferred by plus-size men
TRUNKS Often referred to as low rise boxers or square-cut boxers, trunks provide full back and front coverage, but the high-thigh is what it is known for. Trunks offer a contoured fit and are perfect to wear with your favorite pair of low rise jeans.
  • Square-cut, low-rise
  • Modern hybrid of brief and boxer-brief
  • Form-fitting
  • Pouch designs include fly, no-fly, anatomic, suspensor
  • Popular for working out
  • Versatile design worn with anything
  • Comfortable stretch waistbands
JOCKSTRAPS Jockstraps cover a lot of functions today. Initially designed for athletic support, they now include fashion, erotic, and hybrid designs. They provide support as well as offering sex appeal with the minimal design. Jockstraps feature an elastic waistband, front pouch, and leg-wrapping elastic bands.
  • Athletic, classic, sporty, and fetish options
  • Known as athletic supporters or just "jocks"
  • Lifts your package up and away from the body
  • Some pouches have cup inserts for rigorous physical activities.
THONG & G-STRINGS Ok, it's time to show it all off and exude some sex appeal! You are confident and self-assured if you venture here. It may not be for everybody, but they are great for bodybuilders, sunbathers, adult entertainers, and other adventurous spirits.
  • Full coverage pouch, T-back, or Y-back design
  • Maximum Exposure / Minimal Coverage
  • Erotic and enticing designs
  • "Seamless" through clothes
BIKINIS Similar to thongs in cuts and front design, bikini underwear for men feature full-covered backs like briefs have. Bikinis for men sit low on the waist and feature very thin waistbands or no waistband at all.
  • Perfect for posing, bodybuilding, exhibitionists, sunbathing
  • Low-rise
  • Pouch designs very by brand and collection - Contour, suspensor, enhanced, bulge, etc...
  • Ideal with low rise jeans
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