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Ergowear Underwear - Brand Spotlight

ERGOWEAR Underwear and Swimwear for men was created in 2002 in CHILE with the idea to design ergonomic undergarments for men. Ergonomics is about optimizing the relationship between people and the things we use to manage work and life. The idea of ergonomically designed underwear is not new, but many brands have failed historically to satisfy customers in terms of true comfort, fit, and functionality. Our customer surveys show underwear comfort and fit is the most important factor when choosing underwear. ERGOWEAR Underwear what-to-look-for-when-purchasing-underwear We have all experienced poor fitting underwear and the discomfort it can create. Most people's favorite underwear is often the one that fits so well they are unaware it's even on. ERGOWEAR Underwear has focused on comfortable pouch designs for it's underwear and swimwear for over a decade. Our customers often inquire about the pouch sizes and design fits for our many underwear brands. We get comments that certain brands do not feature roomy pouches and sometimes leave guys feeling constricted and uncomfortable. The best underwear brands provide support and contours to the male anatomy appropriately. ERGOWEAR Underwear is a leader in underwear design, creating styles that have a 3-dimensional, roomy and adapting pouch that actually adjust it's fit over time to fit your body perfectly. Here are a couple examples of their popular boxer styles. ERGOWEAR Underwear boxer Another main feature of ERGOWEAR Underwear design is the enhancing pouch effect. The pouch underwear has been specially designed for the uniqueness and variability of the male anatomy among men. Customers comment positively on the form fitting design's comfort and the upfront pouch look created. Here's an example. ergowear-underewear ERGOWEAR designs with freedom of movement and catering to a variety of male sizes in mind. The brand is sexy and stylish from a fashion standpoint. Ergowear Underwear also offer a wide range of colors, fabrics, and materials. The distinguishing brand characteristic is the bulge pouch design that supports in a 3D design philosophy and lightly lifts your package up and away from your thighs in an ergonomic, sexy and stylish fashion. Finally, here are some recent customer reviews for ERGOWEAR Underwear that reiterate the positive features of the line.

Customer Reviews:

- I like these a lot. Snug and form-fitting where needed, without packing things in too tightly. The seam up the seat accentuates your ass-ets back there. Two thumbs up! - Love the color combo as well as the great fit. -It is a charming, elegant boxer. Your confidence is enhanced by wearing it. -These are great boxer briefs. I'm an underwear connoisseur and have found my new favorites. Does just what the write up says, enhances your look and are super comfortable. A 12 on a 1 to 10 scale.

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