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Coddle your assets and more with Male Power Boxer Briefs

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about Male Power Underwear? The men’s underwear brand is more likely to be known for the sexy cum fetish wear that keeps the male anatomy looking like you’re a star for the right occasions. When you question whether the pieces by the brand are the designer or not, you must take a look at the inventory and satisfy your urge. The collection of boxer briefs for men at Erogenos is wide & varied and this product is what caught my attention as well as will yours too. Male Power Boxer BriefsThe Male Power Herringbone Crochet Mini Pouch Short is probably a classic-turned-sexy underwear that keeps your manhood feeling sexy with the coverage that of a boxer brief. The nude color looks more like golden weaves covering the assets leaving tiny passages for your partner to see what’s in there. With a contrast-colored waistband and leg piping rest, everything looks chic on the outside. With weaves going here and there, you get that air conditioner for your manhood. With a pouch that keeps your manhood feel supported, it is the fabric that keeps you comfortable and pampered down there. Check it out at

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