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Be ready to prowl with Good Devil C-String

Isn’t it amazing how the men’s underwear industry has come to a point where the wearers have multitudes of options like women have in their lingerie? Good Devil is one of the sexiest apparel brands and there’s no doubt about it. The collection offered at Erogenos is a clear indication of how much love the raunchy and adventurous products by the brand get from the shoppers. The most revolutionary collection by the sexy underwear brand is that of men’s c-string. Men's C-stringLooking like a headband (the image) this self-supportive underwear keeps to its place because of the rigid yet flexible structure. Holding the package in the front, the back end tucks in the butt crack without having any waistband to hold the position for the same. The leopard print makes your manhood look like an animal ready to pounce on its prey. Men's C-stringWith numerous benefits such no underwear lines, self-supporting design and enhancing features, the pair is surely a must have for every guy who loves to wear tight pants. Made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, you’ll stay in comfort down there. Check out the entire assortment at

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