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About Erogenos


EROGENOS had a unique beginning in 1998 as a small underwear retail store in a popular neighborhood called Chapinero in Bogota, Colombia. Here we established our long term association with UNICO Underwear as we were exclusive retailers of this popular brand. Mundo UNICO is the originator that helped establish the huge market and range of underwear production which now hails from Colombia.

Old logo 1998-1999

In 1999, we used our successful experience selling Unico in Colombia as motivation to relocate to MIAMI, FL and become the 1st wholesale distributor for UNICO Underwear. It was cool to introduce a fresh new colorful, vibrant underwear brand to a previously traditional boring U.S. underwear market. Also that year, we established the website with the ultimate goal of building a one-stop shop for many unique, specialty brands of men's underwear. 

Old version of Erogenos

We wanted to be the online store that offered and shipped everything and all things underwear with fast and friendly customer service. In 2003, we relocated to our current home in Atlanta, GA. Over the years, we have offered hundreds of amazing underwear brands from countries all over the world including USA, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Japan, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, China, Germany, France, England, Australia, and Spain.

About Us - Erogenos

16 years later our team continues to partner with great brands and we now feature a wider range of products including unique specialty swimwear, jeans, activewear, accessories, and sleepwear. We ship all over the world daily and truly appreciate our loyal global customer base. Our catalog has become sexier over the years and we are the resource for see-through, erotic, fashion, and designer underwear. Google ranks us 1st for men's erotic underwear and fetish underwear so next time you're feeling sexy and feel the need to enhance your style, think of us!

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